Angela gets ready for the Golden Globes

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This Sunday for the Golden Globes, Angela stayed low-key by getting ready at her own home. She even colored her hair at home with the help of a friend!

“I colored my hair with Nice ‘n Easy [in] Natural Medium Neutral Blonde. Because the Golden Globes are a big fancy party, I actually had a friend help me.”

Below are five easy tips so you too can get red-carpet ready in just a pinch!

  1. Pick a light-colored nail polish for your manicure—not only does it dry faster, but if it chips before the big night, it’s less noticeable.   Try and do your nails the day before so wet nails won’t be an issue on event night.
  2. Skip the false lashes and try a great lengthening mascara like CoverGirl LashBlast Length.
  3. Choose a long lasting lip color—only one application and it lasts the whole night, all you need is a glossy touch up!
  4. Make sure your roots are kept at bay – for busy gals like myself, try coloring your hair at-home with Nice ‘n Easy the week of the event to brighten your look and ensure shiny color.
  5. EAT!  On event day, choose something light but filling so you’ll still feel like your fabulous self when you get into your evening attire.

To find out more about how Angela got ready for the Golden Globes, read ‘The Office’ Star Angela Kinsey’s Low-Key Glam Routine for the Globes.

Thanks, Lisa!

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