Angela on her beauty essentials and why eyeliner is her enemy

‘The Office’ star tells you why she would dye her blonde locks darker, but her character would never dare.

Clairol spokeswoman Angela Kinsey tells HollywoodLife exclusively about her beauty essentials and how she juggles being a mom with her busy television work schedule, while still maintaining a beauty routine.

What are your three beauty essentials that you couldn’t do without?
“Sunscreen, lip gloss and a little powder compact.”

Have you ever personally considered dying your hair a darker blonde or brunette shade?
“I have! I once put in a lot if low lights. I really liked it. For the People’s Choice Awards, I went with Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam shade 10, Extra Light Blonde.”

Do you think your character, Angela Martin, on The Office would ever be a brunette?
“No way. She is too prissy about her look. She has probably had the same hair style her whole life.”

As a busy working mom, do you have any time saving beauty secrets?
“I keep a little wicker basket by my front door with sunscreen, a powder compact and lip gloss. I am usually rushing so I can do a quick touch up on the way out the door.”

What is your favorite part of getting all dolled up for a red carpet event and what is your least favorite part?
“Well I am very much a jeans and t-shirt gal so it is fun to force myself out of that comfort zone. Hmmm my least favorite part would be eye liner! I hardly ever where eye makeup in my normal life and it makes my eyes water. Oh and high heels. Ouchy after 6 hours.”

Who would you say is your biggest beauty inspiration?
“My oldest sister, Billie Jo, she always looks so classy and beautiful without being too made up. She has a real sense of style and grace. A beautiful lady.”


Angela visits Canada

Actress Angela Kinsey, famous for her role as a drab accountant on The Office,  made her first visit to Canada today to promote her role as Nice ’n Easy’s Guardian Girlfriend.  The TV campaign that features Kinsey as every woman’s best friend has become a surprise hit with viewers who have taken to her quirky humour and honesty.

“I just did an event in Grand Central Station in New York City where I jumped out from a seven foot mirror,” laughs Kinsey wearing a form fitting green dress and beautiful blonde hair thanks to the P&G Beauty brand. “I’d jump out and say ‘Hi, gal pal.  Is your hair feeling a little flat today?’ I was stunned at how honest the women I saw on their way to work.  The majority said ‘yes, I do need to do something with my hair.  They were really open to a change of hair colour.”

Calling herself part shrink, part gynacologist, part bartender, Kinsey says she’s a diehard Clairol Nice’nEasy fan having watched her mother use the product for years.  ”I grew up in Jakarta and we’d make one trip to the United States each year.  My mother would bring an extra suitcase and stock up on a year’s worth of hair colour.  When she started dying my older sisters’ hair, she needed an even bigger bag.” Angela says the appeal of the product is the time it saves her.  As a working mother, she doesn’t want to give up three hours to visit a salon when she could be spending it with her daughter.

“My life is Cheerios on the floor and dried playdough balls,” she admits.  ”I do my makeup in the car – but only at red lights.  My life is just like everyone else’s, and when I can find a way to save time, I’ll take it.”


Angela Kinsey and the Clairol Magic Mirror

“…Angela was hanging out in Grand Central Station very incognito, working with Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, surprising women from behind a fabulous magic mirror, where she’d give them ambush hair makeover advice – and a prescription to take home so they could follow instructions.

It was nothing short of genius, and part of a larger picture with Angela partnering with Dress for Success on a campaign spotlighting the boost of confidence women receive when they feel good about what they see in the mirror.

And so, there was the magic mirror, the kick off of the Mirror Moments campaign, where random women passing by were giving a shock by Angela’s virtual appearance within their reflection, as they unknowingly looked in the mirror. It was so so awesome to watch – and Angela did a fabulous job of giving advice – which was very well-received by the surprised women.”

Read full article: Angela Kinsey and the Clairol Magic Mirror

Also, Clairol will donate $1 to Dress for Success every time you share Angela’s ‘Mirror Moments’ video. Just visit Clairol’s Mirror Moments site and click on share!

Angela gets ready for the Golden Globes

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This Sunday for the Golden Globes, Angela stayed low-key by getting ready at her own home. She even colored her hair at home with the help of a friend!

“I colored my hair with Nice ‘n Easy [in] Natural Medium Neutral Blonde. Because the Golden Globes are a big fancy party, I actually had a friend help me.”

Below are five easy tips so you too can get red-carpet ready in just a pinch!

  1. Pick a light-colored nail polish for your manicure—not only does it dry faster, but if it chips before the big night, it’s less noticeable.   Try and do your nails the day before so wet nails won’t be an issue on event night.
  2. Skip the false lashes and try a great lengthening mascara like CoverGirl LashBlast Length.
  3. Choose a long lasting lip color—only one application and it lasts the whole night, all you need is a glossy touch up!
  4. Make sure your roots are kept at bay – for busy gals like myself, try coloring your hair at-home with Nice ‘n Easy the week of the event to brighten your look and ensure shiny color.
  5. EAT!  On event day, choose something light but filling so you’ll still feel like your fabulous self when you get into your evening attire.

To find out more about how Angela got ready for the Golden Globes, read ‘The Office’ Star Angela Kinsey’s Low-Key Glam Routine for the Globes.

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