Angela’s top 10 New Year’s resolutions

“Hello ladies and fellas of the iVillage world! Are there fellas here? I always assume it is just us gals. Well, if there are any guys out there I apologize in advance for this blog because it is gonna be girlie.

Okay, I got the tree decorated, the wreath on the front door and my Christmas cards sent out and now it is time to think ahead. 2010 is coming to an end and it is time for the ol’ New Year’s resolution. What is on your list or do you pick just one? I am a believer in lists. I guess I have to throw a big net out there mentally and maybe I will get at least one done! Ladies, this year we have to take care of ourselves better. As a working mom to a toddler, I don’t usually invest time in myself. Here are a few simple things I am going to try to do…

1. Do selfless acts for those in your life who need it the most. Send your sister who teaches first grade in Louisiana a card telling her she is awesome and do it for no reason so she gets it out of the blue. Do lots of things like that. Make sure the people that matter the most to you know it.

2. Read more. Read anything. Just read. Anything at this point counts…trashy magazines, articles on the Internet, anything on the Internet, pamphlets left on your front door, manuals, and if you are really fancy, maybe the newspaper or a book! And sorry…anything to do with vampires does not count.

3. Seriously invest in new underwear and bras. My cotton undies from Target are looking a little sad. Oh, and my bras … well, let’s just say that I never throw anything away so it might be time to weed the nursing bras out of my dresser. But nursing bras are so attractive, you say. Fine, I say…I’ll put them in storage. They were too damn expensive to get rid of and I am not sure a nursing bra is something you can pass on to someone else. :/

4. Find a way to get some legitimate exercise. And I think I have to face the fact that taking my daughter to the park is not a workout. Sure I go on the slide, the big-girl swing and the monkey bars, but I don’t think that really counts as quality cardio time.

5. Learn a new recipe every month. (We all know this will not happen, but this is my ridiculous list so it has to be on here.

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