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Thousands of Sea Turtles Die in U.S. Fishing Gear

At least 4,600 sea turtles are dying in fishing gear each year in this country, and that’s outrageous.

All six species of sea turtle found in U.S. waters are at risk of extinction and are protected by the Endangered Species Act. Sea turtles are beautiful, majestic animals, and if we want our children and grandchildren to be able to swim in seas that are full of turtles, then we have to give them a breather.

The 4,600 figure comes from a new study, and according to scientists at Oceana, the actual number of sea turtles killed in U.S. fisheries is likely significantly higher because we know little about what many fisheries are actually catching.

We know that shrimp trawl nets in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Coast are a big culprit, accounting for a whopping 98 percent of all sea turtles caught in U.S. fisheries. The use of turtle escape hatches (also called turtle excluder devices or TEDs) in shrimp trawls is supposed to keep most of these turtles from drowning but recent evidence shows that fishermen are not properly using this gear. This is another reason why the real number of turtles dying in U.S. fisheries is likely much higher than 4,600.

The good news from the study is that we have the tools we need to protect sea turtles — but we have to try harder. Strong sea turtle protections and enforcement of those protections are urgently needed.

As Oceana scientist Elizabeth Griffin Wilson points out, we have to take a more big picture approach to protecting sea turtles. The government needs to look at the impacts of all fisheries on sea turtles and ensure consistent protections. For example, most shrimp trawlers need those sea turtle escape hatches, but other fishermen — like the scallop trawlers on the East Coast — don’t have to use gear that would let the turtles escape the nets.

It’s crazy: The government lists these animals as endangered or threatened with extinction but then allows thousands of them to get killed. It is senseless.

Sea turtles have been swimming the oceans since before the dinosaurs. Are we going to let them go extinct now because we can’t step back and see the big picture?

You can help by joining Oceana in the fight to get sea turtles off the hook.


Why Doesn’t Santa Come on Valentine’s? Angela Kinsey Tries to Explain

Angela writes about having a tough time teaching Isabel about the holiday of love, until she breaks out the candy, in her latest blog for iVillage!

“Happy Valentine’s, ladies and the four fellas who might read this iVillage blog!

So, try explaining Valentine’s to a 2-and-a-half year old. Halloween was hard enough. “Yes, honey, it is okay to go up to a stranger and ask for candy, but wait, before you do…wear this ladybug suit. Oh, and say ‘trick or treat.’ What is a trick? Well, um, okay never mind that part. No, we can’t do this every day. Well, because we just do it once a year.” That is kind of how that conversation went.

The Valentine’s one went a little like this: “We are going to make your Nene (that is what she calls my mom) a Valentine’s card. Well, because, Isabel, that is what you do on Valentine’s Day. You get more candy and you tell people you love them and you make them cards or send them flowers and sometimes you dress up and go out for dinner. No, sweetie, Santa doesn’t come on Valentine’s. He only comes at Christmas. That’s right, with baby Jesus.”

I mean, when you think about all of these holidays and try to explain them to someone who has never heard of them… well, you come off sounding a little nutso. I wish I had a picture of the blank stare my daughter gave me when we told her that we had to leave cookies out for a stranger who was going to come down our chimney in the middle of the night. But I have to say as soon as any kind of candy is involved in these holidays, she is totally on board.

So what are you guys doing for Valentine’s? I want to hear it. I will be with my 2-1/2-year-old eating some kind of heart chocolate thing and hoping I am not a bad mom because I let her have candy too close to bed time.

And since it is the season for love, I leave you with this romantic moment from my life last year: While on a date with a guy, he told me with a smile that I was what his friends call “hot property by the airport.” I of course asked what that meant and he said, “Well, you are good-looking, but you got a lot of people coming and going and it is noisy, etc.” Uh, huh. Okay.

Happy Valentine’s!

-Angela Kinsey

P.S. For fun, check out me and my buddy, Kate Walsh, being silly promoting her perfume, Boyfriend. Kate and I met years ago performing improv at iO West. We had so much fun shooting her webimmercials. It was such a blast to get to improvise together again and crack each other up! And her perfume is awesome! Check it out here!”


Sea turtles are a girl’s best friend

“Guest blogger Angela Kinsey (“The Office”) recently joined Oceana in Mexico to swim with sea turtles and film a PSA.

Sea turtle nesting in the U.S. is still a couple months away, but I just couldn’t wait to write something about my new RBFF (reptilian best friend forever) – the sea turtle.

How’d we get so close? It was actually on a trip to the Mexican Riviera last May with Oceana and my good friend Rachael Harris. There, Oceana took us to swim with sea turtles in the wild and visit injured turtles at Mexico’s only sea turtle hospital – it was a wonderful, moving experience.

We went to Akumal Bay to snorkel with green sea turtles (and a one slightly scary barracuda) and I was struck by how lucky I felt to be able to see them in the wild, eating seagrass and going about their day. Then at the sea turtle hospital, seeing turtles injured by fishing gear, boat propellers and other animals was incredibly emotional.

I grew up overseas and had seen sea turtles before, but swimming with them up close and personal changed my perspective in a powerful way. I’m overwhelmed by how much humans are affecting marine life and in the case of sea turtles, which are very susceptible to impacts from climate change too, I worry that my daughter won’t be able to see them and have the same experience swimming with them that I did. Playing at the beach and in the ocean was such  big part of my childhood and I hope it can be for her too. And folks…our oceans and the marine life living in them need someone to start looking out for them.

So while I’m just one person, I know I have to do my part to help, which means using my reusable grocery bag, riding my bike (no matter how dorky I look), and taking advantage of other ways to reduce my carbon footprint.

Before my trip with Oceana, I didn’t realize how many problems sea turtles have to deal with, and now that I know the problems, I realize that most people do not. So I signed up with Oceana to help spread the word about the need to protect sea turtles via the Turtles Off the Hook PSA campaign.

Please watch the PSA, learn more about the problems facing sea turtles and do your part to protect (what I think is) the most adorable, sweetest reptile on Earth.” – Source

Angela’s top 10 New Year’s resolutions

“Hello ladies and fellas of the iVillage world! Are there fellas here? I always assume it is just us gals. Well, if there are any guys out there I apologize in advance for this blog because it is gonna be girlie.

Okay, I got the tree decorated, the wreath on the front door and my Christmas cards sent out and now it is time to think ahead. 2010 is coming to an end and it is time for the ol’ New Year’s resolution. What is on your list or do you pick just one? I am a believer in lists. I guess I have to throw a big net out there mentally and maybe I will get at least one done! Ladies, this year we have to take care of ourselves better. As a working mom to a toddler, I don’t usually invest time in myself. Here are a few simple things I am going to try to do…

1. Do selfless acts for those in your life who need it the most. Send your sister who teaches first grade in Louisiana a card telling her she is awesome and do it for no reason so she gets it out of the blue. Do lots of things like that. Make sure the people that matter the most to you know it.

2. Read more. Read anything. Just read. Anything at this point counts…trashy magazines, articles on the Internet, anything on the Internet, pamphlets left on your front door, manuals, and if you are really fancy, maybe the newspaper or a book! And sorry…anything to do with vampires does not count.

3. Seriously invest in new underwear and bras. My cotton undies from Target are looking a little sad. Oh, and my bras … well, let’s just say that I never throw anything away so it might be time to weed the nursing bras out of my dresser. But nursing bras are so attractive, you say. Fine, I say…I’ll put them in storage. They were too damn expensive to get rid of and I am not sure a nursing bra is something you can pass on to someone else. :/

4. Find a way to get some legitimate exercise. And I think I have to face the fact that taking my daughter to the park is not a workout. Sure I go on the slide, the big-girl swing and the monkey bars, but I don’t think that really counts as quality cardio time.

5. Learn a new recipe every month. (We all know this will not happen, but this is my ridiculous list so it has to be on here.

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Why Angela knows she’s not hip

New blog from iVillage:

“Hello iVillage crowd,

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a blog for iVillage and this one doesn’t promise to be life-changing. But here goes …

I will pose this question to you all: At what point in life did you know that you will never be hip?

For me that moment happened recently. Sure, there have been signs along the way. I mean do hip people get excited about free food and booze at every work function they go to? Because I do. I load up my plate at the cheese table and drink as much wine as I can. I also keep the tiny ketchup bottle that comes with my room service meal. Come on, they are so cute! Do hip people like watching the national cheerleading competitions on ESPN? Probably not, but I do. And I love magnets. How many “cool” people get excited about a new refrigerator magnet?”

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Angela blogs about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“Hello Office fans!  So I was invited to the White House Correspondents’ dinner by Lester Holt.  I bought a new dress, packed my bags and Lester canceled on me the day before as I was driving to the airport! What?!!  Now, now ladies…before we get on a Lester Holt bashing band wagon I should tell you that he got called to New Orleans to cover that horrible oil spill.  Has he been on tv down there?  Anyone seen any footage? If so…then all forgiven. If not…them some one is in for a butt kickin’ from a tiny blond.  ;)

Lester being the sweet fella that he is asked his buddy Ann Curry to step in for him.  She was an awesome date!  Umm….she knows EVERYBODY.  After introducing me to Oliver Stone and half of the NBC news world she eyed a general and asked me if I wanted to meet him…I told her I needed to pace myself.  I was trying desperately to not look like a total moron as I met the supreme justices etc… And traveling with Ann in DC is like traveling with a Beatle.  I mean she is a rock star.  Everyone wanted to talk to her and have a picture with her.  She was so nice and kept telling them to take pictures with me too.  Most of them were like, “who’s the blond?”

Once inside the dinner I was seated next to Kathie Lee Gifford.  Maybe the nicest lady ever.  I told her she was like sitting with one of my aunts at a wedding reception. Constant peanut gallery comments. Hilarious.

I spoke with Brian Williams and his wife for a while.  They are great and while Brian was mingling his wife let me have his desert.  Sorry Brian. Oh and within 5 minutes of meeting Meredith Vieira I spilled my champagne on her and over shared about how my makeup felt icky. Meredith was very nice and let me babble.  I wonder if I blew my chance of ever being on the Today Show. :/

Umm and ladies…Matt Lauer is great!  He is so charming and smart and funny. I loved meeting him. I ended my evening meeting Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan.  Andrea mentioned she plays tennis and I invited her to play the next time she was in LA.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  I should have told her that I was a little tipsy by that point and being over familiar was a side affect.

All in all it was an exhilarating night and I met so many interesting and diverse people.  And btw…our president is hilarious.  Nicely done Mr. Obama. Or as they say in Indonesia, “Bagus Sekali!”


What’s Angela’s Odd Quirk?

From Angela’s latest iVillage blog:

“Before I begin my silly little blog about my daily — and not-that-interesting life, I’d like to address something rather serious. My heart like many of yours is breaking for the people of Haiti. The pictures and reports from there are absolutely devastating. I urge us all to see how we can help however small.

Now here comes my drivel….

Happy New Year! I am still writing 2009 on things. It always takes me a while to switch over but then again I am lousy when it comes to change. And I start sizing up my life and my quirks. For example, I have a weird cough. There, I said it. My cough sounds like a sneeze. When I cough people always say, “Bless you!” I used to try to explain to them that it was just a cough and somewhere along the way I gave up and now I just say, “Thank you.””

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What are YOUR odd quirks? I posted mine over at iVillage: “I blow on my food even when it’s cold. I didn’t notice it until a friend told me, “you’re eating frozen yogurt.””

New iVillage blog

Angela has been doing a monthly blog for iVillage and the latest one is now up!

“Hello iVillage crowd!

I am sitting down to write this blog while my daughter naps. Sometimes I am really productive when she naps. I’ll do laundry, fold clothes, answer emails. And other times I am a lump on the couch watching anything that happens to be on. And for the record, there is some random stuff on daytime TV. Oh, and by the way, I loved your responses to my tragic sweatpants blog! One of my favorite responses: ”I recently went to Target in black sweatpants w/elastic on the bottom, a blue paisley tubetop, and silver gladiator sandals. Questionable!” Classic! That gal and I could be BFF.

Now as far as this week’s blog…and again I am a TV actor, so don’t set up any expectations for greatness in the paragraphs that follow…”

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New iVillage Blog

As mentioned earlier, Angela is writing a monthly blog for iVillage. A new blog has been posted!

“Hi folks!

I hope you all are doing well. So, here is my second blog for iVillage. And again I promise that it will not be anything significant to the world. Just the ramblings of a minor TV actor. To recap from last month, I took my dad to the Emmys as my date. It was a great night even though we didn’t win because I got to share it with my dad…”

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Angela blogs again!

“I have a little break between scenes so I thought I’d say hello. I just figured out what my character gets to be for Halloween this year. Any guesses? I’ll give you a hint….some people are afraid of these. Speaking of Halloween, I have already noticed the adorable costumes for kids in the stores! I can’t wait to dress up my little gal! Last year she was a ladybug but she was still in baby blob mode and couldn’t really appreciate how adorable she looked. This year is going to be a blast because she is a chatty walking machine. Isabel comes to the set every day and she now zeros in on Phyllis’ desk. Phyllis has all of these stuffed animals on her desk and Isabel has to say hello and squeeze all of them!”

You can read the rest here

Angela blogs for iVillage

“…I was asked to do a monthly blog for this site and this is my first one. I am an actress on NBC’s The Office. I play that super stuffy lady who sits in accounting. We’ve all worked with versions of her. When I asked what I should write for this blog the answer I got back was to tell little stories from my life. I am not sure if this will be interesting to anyone but here goes…”

iVillage Celebrity Blog: The Office‘s Angela Kinsey

Looking forward to her monthly blogs :)

Angela blogs!

Angela wrote a blog yesterday and mentions a funny video she did a year ago:

“…a year ago (when I was preggers) I shot this little vid for my friends Alex and Dan. They finally posted it! It’s about these two awkward gals trying to meet men at a wedding. My friend, Carrie Clifford, is the other gal. …Warning…it’s kinda PG-13.”

You can watch the video at

New blog!

Angela wrote a quick blog with a lot of fun ‘Office’ moments:

“Hello Dunderheads,

How are you guys? It’s been a long time since my last blog so I thought today I’d share a few little moments…

1- We are having a real thermostat war on set. It is the guys against the gals. The girls keep putting little heaters everywhere and some how they end up blowing warm air right in Brian’s direction. Then the guys move them. Then we freeze and we move them back. Fascinating, I know but it is freezing on this set! Jenna, Kate, Phyllis, Mindy and I are determined to win this weird game of wills.”

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