My report of The Armando Show

UPDATE I added pictures from the show. Thanks to Omar Adam for letting me use them!

I saw Angela perform at The Armando Show on Wednesday. The show, as always, was great and very funny.

I had a chance to see Angela before the show. We bumped into each other outside as I was walking in and she was getting out of her car. She was a little sick and said she didn’t know how the night was going to go. She also told me that she appreciated the work I do on this site and that her mom loves it! I love knowing that her mom reads the site. Hi, Bertie!

As we walked in, Angela got carded. That was funny! Although, I’m not surprised because she looked great!

The show started at 8 PM. If you’ve never seen The Armando Show, the Armando (in this case, Angela) will start off by asking the audience for a suggestion. Then the celebrity host will do an improvised monologue and from there, the cast of the show will perform scenes inspired by the Armando’s response.

Oscar Nuñez was part of the cast that night! The first suggestion came from his girlfriend, Ursula. Her suggestion was “baby” and, well, you can imagine Angela had many baby stories to tell.

Angela also went on to talk about how recently, at various events, she’s been very “cool” around celebrities. At an event with Mindy Kaling, Meryl Streep walked up to them while they were talking to her son. Angela said that instead of saying hello to Meryl, she casually nodded and turned her attention back to Mindy!

The show took off from there and the scenes performed by the cast were great. One of Angela’s characters was Lupita, who I’m still trying to figure out if she spoke Spanish or English better ;)

After the show, we hung out for a while before heading home. Angela was schmoozing in the green room so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her afterwards.

I had a fun time and my friend loved it, too. She even went back last night to see Sarah Silverman as the Armando!

Looking forward to next year’s festival!

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