Entertainment Weekly interviews Angela

Angela talks to Entertainment Weekly about Season 7 of ‘The Office’.

“Between takes of shooting the upcoming season of NBC’s The Office, Angela Kinsey — that’s Angela Martin on the show — took out a few minutes of her time to chat with EW. She tells us about what’s going on with Angela this season (“She’s determined to hold up her procreation contract with Dwight!”), how they’re going to cope with losing Steve Carell this year (“It’s bittersweet.”), and whether Angela cold be the person getting promoted to Regional Manager herself (“She would not be a good boss!”). The always-affable Kinsey also took the opportunity to talk about a few of the do-gooder things she’s working on, too: Both a PSA about sea turtles endangerment (awww! awww!) and a project with educational charity Publicolor that is very dear to this sympathetic, arts-focused mother.”

Link: ‘The Office’ star Angela Kinsey: ‘Michael Scott departing is going to make a great season and great TV for us.’

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