Comedy advice from Angela

“I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while since it happened like two months ago but I’m just getting around to it now.  I met Angela Kinsey backstage at the LA Improv Festival and she was incredibly nice and sincere when I spoke with her.

I actually met her several years ago when I went to the Fracas! Improv Festival with my undergrad improv group, jericho! Improv.  She and Melora Hardin were a part of panel talking about improv in the entertainment industry.  However, I didn’t really watch The Office back then and so I didn’t really know who she was.

Anyway, back to the festival.  I saw Angela backstage and went up to her and introduced myself.  We talked about improv in general and I asked her about the San Francisco Sketchfest and if she ever thought about performing in it.  She said Oscar had told her about it and she definitely was interested.  She said she couldn’t make it this past year due to several commitments, but hoped to perform at the festival in the future.”

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