Every cliché is true

From People.com:

Angela Kinsey took part of The Office — a Dwight bobblehead — along on her maternity leave, and she’s glad she did. Daughter Isabel Ruby, now 8 weeks, “loves the bobblehead,” laughs the proud new mom. “I dangle it in front of her and she instantly calms down – it’s my secret weapon.”

The TV accountant introduces her little girl in this week’s issue of People magazine. Arriving by c-section on May 3rd, Angela shares that she “just cried” as Isabel was placed on her chest. Explaining that “every cliché is true,” the 36-year-old actress doesn’t think she can “love anything more.” Although delivering surgically required a longer hospital stay, Angela and husband Warren Lieberstein didn’t mind, as it offered them more time to finalize Isabel’s name.

We named her the third day in the hospital. We wanted to meet her first.

Angela, who credits breastfeeding with her 27-lbs weight loss (it took her six weeks), revealed that her Office co-stars were and continue to be a strong support for her. While pregnant, Leslie David Baker, who plays Stanley, provided her with snacks. “Sweet” Steve Carell gave “great baby advice,” along with a Boppy nursing pillow. Close friend Jenna Fischer had kind words of her own for Angela, calling her “very peaceful” since becoming a mom.

It’s as if she’s had five kids! Isabel is so sweet, I want to hold her all the time.

For a photo of Isabel Ruby, pick up the July 14th issue of PEOPLE magazine. If you’re in Canada, ET Canada will have an exclusive image on their show tonight!

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