Angela gets tearful talking ‘The Office’s’ “ambitious” Series Finale

From PopSugarTV:

After nine seasons, ‘The Office’ will say goodbye this month, with its final episode airing on May 16. One of the stars of the series, Angela Kinsey, stopped by our LA studio recently to talk about the emotional last scene the cast shot together and why she thinks Dwight and Angela (her character) belong together. She also gave us a hint as to which familiar faces we might see before the show comes to a close. Tune in for the final two episodes of The Office beginning tonight on NBC at 9/8 Central.

Angela relives her favorite Dwight moment

The end is coming. We can’t stop it, no matter how hard we want to. We’ve even tried closing our eyes, covering our ears and yelling “lalalalala,” but The Office series finale is still happening next week.

To help celebrate the end of a TV era, we have this exclusive video of Angela Kinsey, aka accountant Angela, reminiscing about her favorite moment from the final season. And no surprise here: It involves Rainn Wilson.

Angela and Jenna Fischer tour the set of ‘The Office’


One of the things I’ve always liked about the set of “The Office” is how functional it appears. The computers are all wired for internet, for instance, and the actors often talk about how they pay their bills, email friends and play games while they have to be in the background of someone else’s scene. Not everything works, but if you were to find yourself in the middle of this anonymous building in Van Nuys (in the same complex that houses the show’s writers and producers), you could be forgiven for mistaking it for an actual paper company branch office.

Production on this final season has already wrapped, but before everyone went home, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey filmed this video (exclusive to HitFix for a bit) providing a backstage tour of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. The tour somehow runs out of steam before they get to the main bullpen, but the ladies stop by the restrooms, Toby’s annex and the break room, providing trivia and old anecdotes along the way. Enjoy.

Only four episodes to go of this final season, with the next new one airing Thursday at 9 on NBC.