‘Office’ cast fondly looks back at 9 seasons

Emotions were running high on Wednesday when members of the media dropped by the set of ‘The Office’ for one last visit with the cast of the departing comedy.

Most of the press conference-style interview with stars John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson and showrunner Greg Daniels, to name a few, was spent reminiscing about the past nine years. But the group did drop a few select, series-ending scooplets, including the names of some returning familiar faces (alas, not Steve Carell), a tease for a shocking ouster of sorts and more.

…the cast took some time to look back at the past nine years and shared some of their favorite moments and lessons learned. As a huge fan of ‘The Office’, I felt obliged to pass their sentiments along.


ED HELMS | ”I actually really want Andy’s Cornell diploma for some reason. I really like that.”

ANGELA KINSEY | ”I have my eye on about three of Angela’s cat figurines.”

PHYLLIS SMITH | ”I want my first Dundie, for ‘Bushiest Beaver.’”

JENNA FISHCER | ”I want Pam’s watercolor that Michael bought at her art show. And the receptionist sign — even though I don’t sit there anymore.”

RAINN WILSON | “I want Dwight’s car.”

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2013 Screen Actors Guild Award nominations

Angela and the cast of ‘The Office’ have received a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble In A Comedy Series!

The Office (NBC)

Leslie David Baker / Stanley Hudson
Brian Baumgartner / Kevin Malone
Creed Bratton / Creed Bratton
Clarke Duke / Clark
Jenna Fischer / Pam Halpert
Kate Flannery / Meredith Palmer
Ed Helms / Andy Bernard
Mindy Kaling / Kelly Kapoor
Ellie Kemper / Erin Hannon
Angela Kinsey / Angela Martin
John Krasinski / Jim Halpert
Jake Lacey / Peter
Paul Lieberstein / Toby Flenderson
B.j. Novak / Ryan Howard
Oscar Nuñez / Oscar Martinez
Craig Robinson / Darryl Philbin
Phyllis Smith / Phyllis Vance
CaTherine Tate / Nellie Bertram
Rainn Wilson / Dwight Schrute

Congratulations, ‘Office’ cast!

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‘The Office’ Thank You Project

In May 2013, during the week of The Office series finale, there will be an advertisement published in The Hollywood Reporter to thank cast and crew of NBC’s The Office for their nine years of dedication to this phenomenal television series.

The “Thank You” will be on behalf of The Office fans from around the world.

AngelaKinseyFans along with Simply Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski Web, Life In The Office, More Than That, Nettes Layouts, and Office Quotes have joined together for this project, and are looking for the support of fans everywhere to make it happen!

To find out more about ‘The Office’ Thank You Project and how you can help please click here.

Angela and Kevin prepare for the end of ‘The Office’

Tomorrow night is the ninth season premiere of The Office, and also marks the beginning of show’s final season. After years of anchoring NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup, the show will finish its plotlines, and according to two cast members, give the audience some surprises. Angela Kinsey, who, of course, plays Angela Martin, and Brian Baumgartner, the man behind the goofy Kevin Malone, spoke with us about what’s ahead this season and what they’re not quite ready to leave behind.

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Angela and Jenna Fischer are “very emotional” over ‘The Office’ ending

After nine seasons on NBC, The Office is closing — and tears are already flowing.

“We’re already getting very sentimental,” actress Jenna Fischer told Us Weekly at a party Saturday night at Sky Bar in Los Angeles to celebrate her former Office costar Mindy Kaling’s new show, The Mindy Project. “Every episode…”

“Means something to us!” Fischer’s Office colleague Angela Kinsey finished her thought. “Yes, it does,” Fischer, 38, agreed. “We are cherishing every moment, every scene already and we’re only on the fourth episode.”

“Kate [Flannery] and I already cried together,” she added. “We knew it was our last season but we weren’t allowed to say anything, but, when the announcement came down that day, we were all in a scene together … And so it was emotional when we all realized the rest of the world knew too because it made it very real.”

Greg Daniels, executive producer of The Office, announced in a conference call on Tuesday that the show will air its final episode next May.

“But we’re really enjoying ourselves,” Fischer explained of filming the final episode. “Oh my God, a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. I think that will describe the next few weeks of our lives.”

And the actresses have faith that the writers will end the show the best way possible.

“The writers worked very hard and are working very hard to give every single character a very fitting end to the series. And I know a lot of the plans for a lot of the characters and I couldn’t be happier,” Fischer teased to Us. “They have something planned for each person, to really celebrate their characters contribution to the show.”

But they can’t give anything away. Kinsey, 41, explained, “They want it to be a real, real season end where the fans get a really good goodbye, so were all sworn to secrecy.”

Kinsey does hope that the writers will give the show the big ending that it deserves. “If I talk about it too much I get emotional for sure. We’ve become a family for real. We hang out at work, we hang out outside of work,” she told Us. “I think creatively…we want to go out with integrity. We want to protect so much of what our show is about, so you don’t want to brown out …you want to have a great big black out. Like this great big ending moment. I hope we have that, and I hope we can all walk away feeling so good about what we’ve been a part of all these years.”


Firm partner fetes travel industry with Office counterparts

Kevin Ryan, partner with Philadelphia accounting, tax and business consulting firm Citrin Cooperman, mingled with some of television’s most famous accountants at Global Traveler magazine’s GT Tested Readers Survey awards celebration, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Ryan, a member of the LLS board of directors, joined the actors that portray the accounting department on Emmy-award-winning series The Office, along with some 200 other guests, in honoring the travel industry’s elite at The Peninsula Beverly Hills.

Office actors Brian Baumgartner, Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nuñez appeared on behalf of the LLS.