Angela makes a baby smile!

I got an email today from AKFans reader, Myra, with a link to this letter for Angela.


“Dear Angela Kinsey,

You’re really pretty, do a great job hawking foam hair color, and making us laugh uncomfortably every week on The Office. What you really excel at, however, is making videos for children.  Your guest spot as “teacher” on Yo Gabba Gabba is currently my daughter’s favorite YouTube video.

She has been sick all day with a fever, and your video is the only surefire way to get her smiling again.  I have proof.

Thank you, Angela Kinsey, for being YOU.




Angela in Redbook Magazine

Hear what Angela says about motherhood in the January issue of Redbook Magazine.

“She’s best known as the obsessive mastermind of Dunder Mifflin’s party-planning committee, but in real life, newly single mom Angela Kinsey doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

Angela’s Crazy, Happy Life

I keep my sisters on speed dial. I’m the only mother in the cast of The Office, so I rely on my mom and three sisters for support; I ask them stuff all the time. When I was breast-feeding, I called my sister a few times and said, “My boob is doing this and that. Is that normal?” Crazy things happen to your body when you breast-feed!

We get distracted at our job, too! I’m so thankful that the computers we sit behind on set actually work. I’ll go on the Internet and say, “Oh, my goodness! Did you see who got extensions?” Or I’ll instant-message Jenna [Fischer] between takes with something so lame, like, “Hey, I’m going to Target at lunch. Want to come?”

Privacy? What’s that? I don’t even shut the bathroom door anymore. Once you’re a mom, that’s it. I actually forgot to shut the door at a friend’s house the other day. I was like, “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry!”

Funniness is genetic. Isabel [Angela’s 2-year-old daughter] is hilarious. When I was having trouble putting my new SIM card in my cell phone, she said, “Mommy what is your problem?” So I told her, and she said, “Hmm, maybe I can help.” And the other day, she told me my hair looked crazy and I needed to brush it.

Don’t bother shooting for perfection — it’s impossible! Some days I think, I can do this. I’m a pro. And other days I’m like, I’m lousy at this. I have a special place in my heart for working moms — it’s a constant pull on your heartstrings.”

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How adorable is Isabel? Love the pink outfit!

Getting Sea Turtles Off the Hook

I have big love for turtles. Makes me smile to know that Angela is part of this!

PRESS RELEASE – Today Oceana announced the official release of its second series of “Getting Sea Turtles Off the Hook” Public Service Announcement (PSA) ads, starring actresses and comedians Angela Kinsey (“The Office”) and Rachael Harris (“My Boys” and “The Hangover”). Like the first series, which featured actress Kate Walsh (“Private Practice”), this new set of PSAs encourages people to get involved in Oceana’s campaign to save sea turtles.

“Angela and I have wanted to get involved with Oceana for a while so we jumped at the chance to be a part of their sea turtle campaign,” said Harris.

“The general public has no idea about the man-made dangers sea turtles face – our hope is that these ads will raise awareness as well as compel people to take action and help save these animals,” Kinsey said.

Read more: Angela Kinsey and Rachael Harris are Serious about Saving Sea Turtles

Also visit Help Us Keep Sea Turtles Off the Hook, where you can watch videos, sign the petition to save sea turtles and adopt a turtle!

Contest: Angela Martin pumpkin

A friend and I are going to do some pumpkin carving tonight. We want to try to carve an Angela Martin pumpkin but we’ve never carved a pumpkin before!

If you’ve had luck carving an Angela pumpkin, send in a picture!

I would love to see and who knows, if I like your pumpkin, I might even give you an Angela Martin bobblehead :)

Buy stencil: Angela Martin Pumpkin Stencil

Angela and Ellie Kemper save art!


“Angela Kinsey and Ellie Kemper of the hit TV show, ‘The Office’ are joining the fight to keep art education in schools!

In support of, HP and AMD’s, Make Art. Save Art campaign, Angela and Ellie added their own artwork and explained the importance of art for young people. The “Make Art. Save Art.” initiative encourages teens to showcase their artistic talents and passion for art education.

Below is a picture created by Angela’s 2 year old daughter Isabel. How cute!”

To find out more and to submit your own artwork, click here: ‘The Office’ Cast Supports Art Education with

Get Angela’s Emmys look

Aside from Angela’s beautiful Emmys dress this year, I thought her hair and makeup looked just as amazing! Theodore Leaf, hair stylist, and Kristina Duff, makeup artist, have both posted some tips on how you, too, can get Angela’s Emmys look.


Angela’s Emmys hair was inspired by the dramatic gown, which has a classic Hollywood feel. We wanted to create something soft yet modern so we went with a sexy wave tucked up to one side complimented by beautiful volume at the crown…



I am a total blender! Blending is the key to perfect color match! You never want it to be obvious that someone has concealer on…


Furry Vengeance on DVD

Furry Vengeance is out on DVD today.

“Sometimes, four legs are better than two. Dan (Brendan Fraser, The Mummy franchise) just moved his wife and son to the woods to take a new job with a supposedly eco-friendly housing development. But the fur and Dan’s temper is sure to fly when the local critters learn of the bleak plans for their forest home and stop at nothing to halt construction. Brooke Shields (TV’s Lipstick Jungle ), Matt Prokop (High School Musical 3: Senior Year), Ken Jeong (Knocked Up) and Angela Kinsey (TV’s The Office ) co-star in this comedy for the whole family.”


Comedy advice from Angela

“I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while since it happened like two months ago but I’m just getting around to it now.  I met Angela Kinsey backstage at the LA Improv Festival and she was incredibly nice and sincere when I spoke with her.

I actually met her several years ago when I went to the Fracas! Improv Festival with my undergrad improv group, jericho! Improv.  She and Melora Hardin were a part of panel talking about improv in the entertainment industry.  However, I didn’t really watch The Office back then and so I didn’t really know who she was.

Anyway, back to the festival.  I saw Angela backstage and went up to her and introduced myself.  We talked about improv in general and I asked her about the San Francisco Sketchfest and if she ever thought about performing in it.  She said Oscar had told her about it and she definitely was interested.  She said she couldn’t make it this past year due to several commitments, but hoped to perform at the festival in the future.”

Read more: Comedy Advice from Angela Kinsey

Site updates

I have been out of town this past week with limited access to the Internet. I have a lot of updates coming tomorrow!

Also, Angela made an appearance in New York today to unveil the World’s Largest Artistic Billboard Made of Post-it Notes in Grand Central. if any of you attended and have a report and/or pictures, please let me know.