‘The Office’: Angela previews the new season

From The Wall Street Journal:

NBC’s comedy “The Office” returns tonight at 9 p.m. for its seventh season, which means that “Modern Family” isn’t the only shaky-camera mockumentary worth watching.

“The Office” is a show in transition–star Steve Carrell has announced that he’s leaving the cast next year. Actress Angela Kinsey’s character Angela Martin may also have some surprises in store this season. The controlling accountant entered into a baby-making contract with Dwight that will figure into the plot this season.

Kinsey, fresh off a guest-starring turn on “Yo Gabba Gabba,” talked to Speakeasy about what viewers can expect this season on “The Office.”

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‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ gets a visitor from ‘The Office’

“Angela Kinsey is best known to TV viewers as straight-laced Angela Martin on “The Office,” but for her 2-year-old daughter Isabel, her newest role might make more of an impression. The 39-year-old actress will be guest-starring today on the Nick Jr. children’s series “Yo Gabba Gabba!” as a teacher who helps kids feel more comfortable with their first day of school.

Kinsey’s own formative years had healthy share of drama, transition and adjustment–when she was a child, the Lafayette, La.-native moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and later relocated to Texas.

“Yo Gabba Gabba” airs on Nick Jr. at 5 p.m. ET today. Kinsey talked to Speakeasy about “Yo Gabba Gabba!” singing in public, and what it’s like being the new kid in school in the Lone Star State in the big-haired 1980s.”

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Entertainment Weekly interviews Angela

Angela talks to Entertainment Weekly about Season 7 of ‘The Office’.

“Between takes of shooting the upcoming season of NBC’s The Office, Angela Kinsey — that’s Angela Martin on the show — took out a few minutes of her time to chat with EW. She tells us about what’s going on with Angela this season (“She’s determined to hold up her procreation contract with Dwight!”), how they’re going to cope with losing Steve Carell this year (“It’s bittersweet.”), and whether Angela cold be the person getting promoted to Regional Manager herself (“She would not be a good boss!”). The always-affable Kinsey also took the opportunity to talk about a few of the do-gooder things she’s working on, too: Both a PSA about sea turtles endangerment (awww! awww!) and a project with educational charity Publicolor that is very dear to this sympathetic, arts-focused mother.”

Link: ‘The Office’ star Angela Kinsey: ‘Michael Scott departing is going to make a great season and great TV for us.’

Angela’s life as a mom

Angela Kinsey may play a conservative, buttoned-up character on the hit NBC show The Office, but in real life, she’s a bubbly, refreshing mom who just wants the best for her daughter, Isabel, 2 with (ex-husband, Warren Lieberstein). We caught up with the actress at a Post-It event to promote arts in schools to dish about channeling farm animals, having four moms, and why a chaotic house makes her the happiest.

Why do you think it’s so important to keep arts in the schools?

It’s what helps kids think out of the box and it helps kids cope. Maybe they’re inspired by where they live or where they go to school or what’s around them, but if they have art as an outlet, then their dreams become a reality — whether it’s on paper or through performance. [Arts] are a great way to inspire our kids to dream bigger than what they started with.

How do you instill this value in your daughter, Isabel?

I love playing with her; that’s a big part of our day. We imagine and we pretend. My parents have a farm, so she’s really into the whole farm thing right now. We bought a little barn by Fisher Price and we have all the animals. Now, Isabel’s taking it to another level saying, “Okay Mommy, you be a horse, I’ll be a cow.” So I walk on the floor in my house neighing and mooing, and we act out the farm. I love to see that next step in her imagination. She’s not just playing with these toys; she’s pretending to be these animals. Playtime is so important as parents, to be really involved and respond to whatever it is your kids are into at that moment.

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Angela on Isabel’s ‘Office’ visits

“We just love Angela Kinsey! The sassy Office star, who plays Angela Martin on the hit NBC series, is proud mama to daughter Isabel Ruby, 2, and funny, to boot!

Now filming season 7 of The Office — the last with costar Steve Carell — the actress is also working with Publicolor and Post-It to celebrate the beautification of New York City schools.

Kinsey recently took some time from her busy schedule to chat with PEOPLE Moms & Babies about her daughter and all the experiences they’ve shared this summer.

Moms & Babies: So, how is Isabel?

Angela: She’s such a happy, happy person. She’s a joy of light. She’s chatty and curious and exploring, and I feel like life is way more interesting now because I’m seeing it filtered through her eyes. I don’t know what parenting is like for other people, but she makes me stop and appreciate the smaller things in life.

Every night, she wants to go find the moon. She asks, ‘Mommy, we’ll go find the moon?’ So we go outside, and we look for the moon. She says, ‘Hello moon. Come on down, have a seat, have some water!’ She’s like a hostess to the moon.

In addition to finding the moon, we have to find a star, so we find a star and sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to it. Her dad ex-husband Warren Lieberstein and I have been talking to her about sunsets, so on a recent Sunday night, the three of us went and found the sunset. She was really excited. All those moments are so special.”

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Angela turns into Post-it queen

Angela stopped by PIX 11 Morning News while in NY last week to talk about her recent work with not-for-profit organization Publicolor’s art contest.

“Actress Angela Kinsey knows a lot about office supplies: she’s played the character Angela on the U.S. version of The Office for seven seasons, and today, she’ll announce the winner of a Post it-based art contest. Kinsey stopped by PIX Morning News to dish about the upcoming seventh season of The Office and to judge an impromptu art contest of our own.

The character Angela Martin is known for her cold, uptight personality and her affair with Dunder-Mifflin salesman Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). Kinsey’s played this role since The Office first aired in 2005, and she recently began filming the latest season, which will air on NBC Thursdays in the fall. The seventh season will also be Steve Carell’s last as a permanent cast member.

Today, Kinsey will announce the winners of the not-for-profit organization Publicolor’s art contest. The Post-it Brand 30th Anniversary Student Design Contest winning entry will be featured on the world’s largest billboard made entirely of Post-it notes in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall.

Stop by Grand Central before August 6 to see this piece, which will be made of more than 100,000 multi-colored Post-its. And watch the video below to find out whether Tamsen or Thalia is the better Post-it artist.” – Source

‘Office’ Star Angela Kinsey Shares Her Beauty Routine (Or Lack Thereof!)

From CityTV.com:

Angela Kinsey considers it a good day if she’s managed to put on lip gloss.

Kinsey, who plays stern accountant Angela Martin on the U.S. version of The Office, works long hours on the show and has a two-year-old daughter named Isabel. Speaking with CityLine.ca at a recent event hosted by Clairol Nice ‘N Easy (she plays their fictional spokesmodel, Gigi), Kinsey says all the cliches you hear from working moms are true.

“My typical beauty routine is horrible,” she laughs. “I usually put myself last. If I can get Isabel dressed and looking cute, and get us out the door with the diaper bag packed, I’m aces!”

Full interview and video: ‘Office’ Star Angela Kinsey Shares Her Beauty Routine (Or Lack Thereof!)

Angela talks season 7 of ‘The Office’

As Angela Martin on NBC’s “The Office”, Angela Kinsey is one of the most memorable characters we see across the board of television. The character is cold, power-hungry, and often mean — in many ways, she is quite different from the energetic and kind actress who plays her.

Angela was kind enough to chat extensively with me Friday about a number of topics, including some details about the upcoming season (which premieres September 23), Steve Carell’s looming departure, and even what it’s like meeting fans who believe she acts like her character in real life.

Matt: So have you guys started preparation for next season?

Angela: Oh, we are back to work! We went back to work on Monday — this is our first week back, though pre-production has been there a few weeks before us. We’re all back on set!

Matt: So is there anything you can spill for us about this upcoming season?

Angela: I did email our executive producer Paul Lieberstein (who plays Toby) saying, ‘Paul, please! Tell me what I can and can’t say so I don’t mess up’. We’re all pretty curious what the writers are going to do with Michael, since this is the [last season] for Steve [Carell] this year. I’m sort of like really excited, I think this could make it one of the best seasons we’ve had because in the eyes of Michael Scott, how can he fall out of grace with his job? I can’t wait to see how they do that. I think they have a few ideas which way they’ll go.

I do know that Holly (Amy Ryan) is going to come back a few episodes so that’s going to be interesting. There’s a lot more Dwight and Angela stuff already just in the first week back. It’s kind of fun because we have this procreation contract, and Angela’s really holding him to it! She’s wanting to get preggers! So there’s some really funny stuff with her pressuring him for sex and making appointments for sex and things like that.

What else can I tell you … I know that the whole Erin / Andy thing is going to have a twist, though I’m not sure how. I think it’s going to be interesting now. They’re sort of like this cute couple who is always miscommunicating, and I think that’s going to come into play. Jim and Pam — there’s going to be an episode where [Cecelia] is baptized and everyone weighs in on it. That hopefully won’t be too horribly inappropriate! (Laughs.)

One storyline I left out that is hilarious — there’s an incident where Michael is required to go to counseling with Toby. That’s going to be hilarious because he hates Toby, and now he’s going to have to open up.

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