New blog and I.O. West information

Angela wrote a new blog and you can read it here. She will no longer be performing at ‘The Armando Show’ on Monday, August 27th but will be appearing in ‘Inside the Improviser’s Studio’ later that night at 10:30pm. You can purchase tickets here or call 323-962-7560.

Also, in honor of Angela performing this Monday, I updated the Picture of the Week with a picture from a past performance. Credit goes to Awesome Improv Photos!

Angela to paticipate in ‘Idol’-Style Fund-Raiser

‘Idol’-Style Fund-Raiser to Assist Injured Vets

The non-profit group Homes for Our Troops is sponsoring an “American Idol”-style competition on July 12 at 8 p.m. in Bergen County.

All proceeds go to Homes for Our Troops to build specially equipped homes for severely injured Iraq war veterans.

Homes for Our Troops is building a home in New Milford for Marine Lance Cpl. Visnu Gonzalez, who was paralyzed while serving in Iraq.