Exclusive! The Cast of The Office on What’s Ahead This Season

BreezyMama.com recently visited the set of ‘The Office’ and got a lot of great scoop on the upcoming season. Including an interview with Angela!

WARNING Contains spoilers!

One of the few actors on the show who has a li’l one currently is Angela Kinsey who, fittingly, plays Angela. While pregnant during season 4, production had to get creative because her character was not expecting. When giving Breezy Mama a tour of the set, she stopped at the copier noting, “This hid most of my pregnancy.”

Exclusive! The Cast of The Office on Pam’s Pregnancy, Parenting On and Off the Set and What’s Ahead This Season

Angela Kinsey on Her Mothering Mistake

“New mothers are often advised to never wake a sleeping baby, and Angela Kinsey learned the hard way why. The 38-year-old Office star tells Celebrity Baby Blog she tempted fate one day with her 15-month-old daughter Isabel Ruby — with disastrous results! “I was like, ‘You know what? She’s taking a late afternoon nap, she’s not going to fall asleep ’til late, I’m going to pick her up and rock her to see if she’ll wake up,” Angela recalls. “Mistake! My mom was right.””

Angela Kinsey on Her Mothering Mistake

Angela Kinsey’s Nice ‘n Easy new role

A short article about Angela’s Clairol commercial from PEOPLE.com:

“Angela Kinsey is branching out from her role as The Office’s stern cat-lover Angela Martin and getting sassy in a series of spirited spots with hair color brand Nice ‘n Easy. Starring as a “Guardian Girlfriend,” Angela tells it like it is in a commercial and print ad campaign, advising women about their hair dos — and don’ts. “I’m thrilled to be working with Clairol Nice ‘n Easy,” Angela tells PEOPLE.com. “It has been a blast stepping into the role of the Guardian Girlfriend ‘GiGi’. She gives straight-shooting advice to women looking to get the right color.” The ads have just launched in limited release on cable TV and will hit the networks in July.”


Have any of you seen the ad on TV yet?

Angela Speaks At Women’s Conference

“The prospect of seeing NBC-TV’s “The Office” star Angela Kinsey prompted two girls from Wichita Falls High School to skip lunch at school Wednesday and visit the Conference for Women to hear Kinsey deliver the keynote address.

During the question-and-answer portion, the girls asked, “May we get a picture with you?” and ran up on stage while a friend took a photo with a cell phone.

“I hope they show episodes of ‘The Office’ in detention,” Kinsey called after the girls as they ran off the stage and back to school.

The conference hall was full of women who felt a similar enthusiasm for this TV actress, who plays an uptight accountant in “The Office” comedy.

Long lines of them waited for their own chances to be photographed with Kinsey or to get her autograph after she delivered a homey description of her life in the Los Angeles fast lane.”

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‘The Office’: Does Angela Have Designs on Jim?

SPOILER WARNING Article may contain spoilers.

“Remember when Angela of The Office was just a meek accountant? How times have changed! After we quoted her character’s immortal line, “I will respect the results of the duel,” Angela Kinsey herself told us, “Angela’s sort of prim and proper in her sluttiness. She’s now the office mattress.” But wait, what does Angela do now that she’s single again? Could she sleep with someone else, like, oh…Jim?!

The Office’s Super Bowl Sunday spectacular is just six short days away, and to celebrate we’ve got exclusive scoop from the stars of the show. They tell us what to expect after the game and dish on Ryan’s whereabouts, Michael’s new boss and, of course, Angela’s next office conquest!”

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Angela Kinsey: ‘I’m Not in Shape’

In a refreshing display of honesty, Angela Kinsey– who wowed readers with her first postpartum awards show appearance last spring — says that looks can be deceiving. “Here’s the thing; I’m not in shape,” the 37-year-old actress admits to PEOPLE. “There’s not as much of it, but none of it is toned.” Likening nursing to “running a marathon,” Angela says that she “dropped a lot of weight” breastfeeding daughter Isabel Ruby, 8 months.

“I’m like starving after. I remember at nine months, showing [‘The Office’ co-star] Jenna [Fischer] my belly and being like, there is no way my body will ever be the same. I would not have believed it for all the money in the world.”

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Angela Kinsey Says Grandparents Need Decoders

“Babies aren’t the only ones who speak their own language, Angela Kinsey recently learned. Her “awesome, small-town” Texas-based parents spent the holidays in California with Angela and her new baby Isabel Ruby, 8 months, leading to more than one confusing — if not humorous! — exchange. “My dad kind of sounds like Boomhauer on ‘King of the Hill’, so he’d just kind of wander around the house telling me that my daughter is a button pusher,” Angela explained during a recent appearance on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’. “And my mom would get up in the morning and be like, ‘Don’t be a fuss bucket; I need some foot sugar!”

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Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey Talk ‘The Office’

“CBR News had an opportunity to talk to Andy and Angela themselves, actors Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey, about their hit sitcom, their characters’ strange romance, and how they are able to keep a straight face on the set.

CBR: Your show has a huge fanbase and even hosted its own panel at Comic-Con International this year. To what do you attribute your wide range of fans?

Angela Kinsey: Well, I think a lot of us in America spend more time with the people we work with then even our own families. You sort of have this forced family where you go to work and that definitely makes it relatable because everyone sort of works with an Angela or knows a Dwight, or an Andy. That’s a lot of fun to see every week. I have to say sometimes I am blown away by the different spectrum of our fans. Like, my cousin is ten-years-old and is the biggest fan of our show; she knows and can quote Dwight monologues and she’s ten. She’s never worked in an office. So that is always surprising to me, but a lot of fun.”

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Q&A: Angela from ‘The Office’

Vanity Fair interviewed Angela in their Daily Culture and Celebrity Blog:

VF Daily: First of all, I have to ask, what’s with all the first names? You’re one of four actors on The Office who has the same name as the character you play.

Angela Kinsey: You know, I was so curious about that as well, and I talked to the writers about it. They were like, “Oh, it was a total creative choice.” But now I started to hear through the grapevine that it’s probably just because they were lazy. So it’s me, Oscar [Nunez, who plays Oscar Martinez], Phyllis [Smith, who plays Phyllis Vance], and Creed [Bratton, who plays Creed Bratton].”

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‘The Office’: Andy and Angela Open Up

Of the two relationships currently entering crisis territory on ‘The Office’, only one threatens to be a real barn-burner… literally. Andy and Angela’s impending nuptials at Schrute Farm may end in fire if Andy ever finds out about Angela’s relationship with Dwight, so we talked to Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey, who play the not-so-happy couple, about what’s going through their heads, and the heads of their characters.

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Remote Access interviews Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms

“There’s a new episode of ‘The Office’ on tonight. But before you dig in to that, Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey spent the better part of an hour today chatting with reporters and bloggers about their on-screen relationship, inflatable gremlin dolls, Angela’s troubled youth and nostalgia for the fake news.”


Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms on their ‘Office’ romance

“One of the more dysfunctional relationships currently in primetime television is the one between Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) and Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) on NBC’s “The Office.” After the characters surprisingly becoming engaged at the end of last season, the episodes currently airing have had much fun with Angela’s drifting back to former love Dwight (Rainn Wilson) while clueless Andy prepares for the wedding of Angela’s dreams. Martin and Helms talked with our Jim Halterman about how they approach playing their characters and also tried not to give too much away as to what is to come with the coming episodes.”

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‘The Office’ preview: Will Angela choose Dwight or Andy?

“When we last saw the dysfunctional love triangle that is Andy, Angela and Dwight on “The Office,” Angela had rejected Dwight’s me-or-him ultimatum, ignoring his 6:14 p.m. deadline to choose him over Andy.

But actors Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey, who play currently engaged couple Andy and Angela, reveal that perhaps the decision wasn’t final, and things are about to get a lot more “complicated” as we head into tonight’s episode, the beginning of the show’s run at November sweeps.

The pair spoke to reporters Thursday morning about where it’s all going. Sort of.”

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