Angela in PYPO’s “Park Bench Mistakes”

Watch Angela in this funny sketch “Park Bench Mistakes,” part of the all-new network PYPO (Put Your Pretty On) which launched earlier this year.


Click here to learn more about PYPO.


PYPO (Put Your Pretty On) is a new website set to launch January 4, 2016 with comedy shorts, editorial content, illustrations and more on a variety of topics, from crying to mistakes.

Launching Jan. 4, PYPO will combine sketch videos, editorial series, animations and more to explore a new topic each week. A weekly newsletter, the PYPEline, will release every Monday with a specific topic at the forefront, and a follow-up newsletter will hit inboxes on Thursday with user-generated content on that week’s theme. – Source

Watch their official trailer below featuring Angela and other comedy stars, including Rose Byrne, Michaela Watkins, Tymberlee Hill, Dylan Gelula, Mary Grill, Jennifer Irwin and more.


Click here to learn more about PYPO.

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