Starting today, ‘All-Stars’ is available to watch on Amazon, iTunes, and other VOD platforms. Cast includes Angela along with Fred Willard, Illeana Douglas, Kyle Howard, Nicole Sullivan, and more.

About ‘All-Stars’:

A veteran softball coach returns to his humble league origins to give something back to the community, but when the team of seasoned competitors he was planning on coaching turns out to be a group of inexperienced 10-and-unders he’s forced to return to the fundamentals in order to get them to the All-Stars. As he battles a bench of players who would rather be snacking in the dugout and a squadron of overbearing parents, he must decide what’s more important: whether you win or lose, or how you play the game.

Watch now:

Amazon | $12.99

iTunes | Buy for $12.99 or rent for $4.99

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