Angela prepares for the end of ‘The Office’

From Chicago Sun-Times:

Angela Kinsey knows that it won’t be easy to leave her day job. When “The Office” wraps for good after shooting four more episodes, she plans on clutching a big box of Kleenex.

“Just the other day on the set, I walked up to Rainn Wilson to tell him, ‘Hey, I’ve been making a scrapbook of all the seasons for the entire cast.’ I couldn’t even get the word ‘scrapbook’ out of my mouth without bursting into tears. … It was pitiful.”

Messy moments are Kinsey’s thing these days. The Louisiana native is juggling motherhood and future TV projects, inching towards the sitcom’s May 16 finale and plugging a Clorox campaign where people can share messy life moments at

Q.Are you as fussy as Angela on “The Office?”

A. Are you kidding me? I have a 4 1/2 year old. We paint. We do arts and crafts at home. I told her that I love the color green. So, she painted a wall in the living room green when I turned my back. In her defense, it was the wall near her toys, and her heart was in the right place.

Q.Are you anything like your character on the series?

A. I was brought up to start sentences with, “I’m so sorry, but….’ What was great about my character on “The Office” is she would never start a sentence that way. I’m definitely not confrontational in real life either.

Q.Do you have a post-“Office” plan?

A. I’m taking meetings for the new pilot season. Hopefully, something will stick. As a mom, working on TV is great. You have fairly normal hours and you can make it to ballet recitals and have a family life.


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