Angela and Isabel are making their own Valentines


On Valentine’s Day, men and women all over America will line up to buy cards for the people they love — but Angela Kinsey won’t be one of them.

“My daughter and I are going to make our own Valentines!” The Office star, 41, told PEOPLE. “We’ve got stickers, markers. I love going to Target and hitting the arts and crafts aisle.”

Kinsey, who is currently promoting the Clorox Bleach It Away campaign, says that doing projects with her “artistic and expressive” 4-year-old, Isabelis a constant in her life.

“The other day we made our own Gak with this recipe I got online,” she says. “And on Saturday we did sand art! [Still] Isabel seems to find that her best canvas is her body at the moment, so she’s always painting her legs and feet and arms.”

But come Feb. 14, Kinsey, who filed for divorce from writer Warren Lieberstein in 2010, may have a Valentine other than her daughter.

“I’ve met a nice fellow, so we’ll see if he gets me anything,” she says. “I met him through my family.”

So far, her beau, who owns a camera business, has only spent a little time with her daughter, as Kinsey says they’re taking their relationship “super, super slow.”

“Imagine dating in the Renaissance, and that’s my life,” she says with a laugh. “Here’s my ankle! Isn’t that a sexy ankle? I’m really hoping to maybe [show] a knee — but I don’t know!”


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