Valentine’s Day with Angela and Isabel

Angela wrote a special guest blog just for Citrus Lane moms and dads! See what crafts she and Isabel made together for Valentines:

Hi Citrus Lane Moms & Dads out there…Valentines Day is fast approaching!

My 4 year old daughter Isabel and I painted our nails fun, pink colors this weekend and started to figure out what craft we’ll make.

I always love arts and crafts. If you walk around my home you’ll see little signs that a crafting session of some kind happened. From chalk walk drawings of flowers and rainbows on my driveway to little glittery pieces of snowflake construction paper hanging in the living room…it is a magical peaceful place to come home to after a long day at work.

My Mom and Dad are visiting from Texas this week and will be with us for Valentine’s Day. I asked Isabel what we should make for them. Her first answer? Heart shaped cookies! I bought some Crayola Air-Dry clay and we decided to use a heart cookie cutter and make little hearts. We paint them after they dry and give them as gifts to family and teachers. Playing with the clay is awesome. We always add a little water to make it easier to mold and, of course, to increase the messy fun factor! And because we are obsessed with stickers, I found some cute ones in a Valentine’s card craft kit at Target’s dollar bin section. Always a great place to find stuff for crafting. We will do those this Wednesday afternoon with my Mom.

I really can’t wait for the three of us to sit at my kitchen table and start these little projects together. I hope Isabel always remembers afternoons with Mamma at the kitchen table crafting and laughing. I can already feel how quickly my time with her seems to go. She’ll be in kindergarten soon and I can’t even believe this little baby that I held in my arms is going to be starting school.

Happy Valentine’s to you all! Are you crafting for Valentine’s Day? Send in your craft pictures to and I will share some of them on my next blog!

Xoxo Angela


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