‘Office’ cast fondly looks back at 9 seasons

Emotions were running high on Wednesday when members of the media dropped by the set of ‘The Office’ for one last visit with the cast of the departing comedy.

Most of the press conference-style interview with stars John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson and showrunner Greg Daniels, to name a few, was spent reminiscing about the past nine years. But the group did drop a few select, series-ending scooplets, including the names of some returning familiar faces (alas, not Steve Carell), a tease for a shocking ouster of sorts and more.

…the cast took some time to look back at the past nine years and shared some of their favorite moments and lessons learned. As a huge fan of ‘The Office’, I felt obliged to pass their sentiments along.


ED HELMS | ”I actually really want Andy’s Cornell diploma for some reason. I really like that.”

ANGELA KINSEY | ”I have my eye on about three of Angela’s cat figurines.”

PHYLLIS SMITH | ”I want my first Dundie, for ‘Bushiest Beaver.’”

JENNA FISHCER | ”I want Pam’s watercolor that Michael bought at her art show. And the receptionist sign — even though I don’t sit there anymore.”

RAINN WILSON | “I want Dwight’s car.”

Read full interview: ‘Office’ cast fondly looks back at 9 seasons

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