One thought on “Angela and Rainn Wilson talk final season of ‘The Office’

  1. Thank you so much for the video clip! I’m a huge fan of Angela and The Office, so I’m so sad that it’s ending. I’m sure that the cast is happy to move on to other career opportunities, so I’m looking forward to seeing what each of them move on to do. So many of the people I work with at DISH are also sad to see The Office go, but they’re all planning to watch this final season intently. I plan to archive the entire season on my Hopper so I can watch it for years down the road. With my old DVR, I never would have been able to keep a recording for so long, but now that I can fill a 2-terabyte hard drive, I will have no trouble keeping this for a while. After looking at Steve Carell’s page on IMDB, I noticed that he’s leading a very busy career; I just hope that he’ll be able to make one last visit to Scranton!

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