Angela takes us inside The Office

The Office scene-stealer Angela Kinsey has come a long way from her upbringing in Indonesia. She lived in Jakarta where she first discovered her passion for performing. When she was 14, Kinsey moved back to the United States when her family moved to Texas.

It was in the Lone Star State in college that Kinsey knew that her joy of performance, particularly comedy, would be her life’s work.

In 2005, she auditioned for the part of Pam on The Office and wound up scoring the role of Angela Martin. As Angela Martin, she is often the foil to almost everyone in The Office, much to the chagrin of their faithful if foolish leader, Michael Scott. Steve Carell is moving away from the Michael Scott character at the end of this season and Kinsey tells us exclusively about the mood on the set as the Steve Carell curtain call happens.

Kinsey is mother to two-year-old Isabel Ruby Liberstein and also lets us know how having a baby girl has completely changed her life and altered her perspective on the life versus work balance.

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