What to Expect interviews Angela

First of all, I must say this. “The Office” is my all-time favorite show.  So to get the chance to speak with SAG and Emmy Award-winning actress Angela Kinsey (who you probably recognize as her “Office” alter-ego, Angela) was amazing to say the least. On top of that, she was beyond sweet (She beat me to the “how are you?” pleasantries!) and hilarious (obviously). She had me on the verge of tears, both from laughing and from all the moving stories she shared with me about being a mother to her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Isabel. I am so thrilled to be able to share my interview with this radiant mommy, actress, and new Clairol spokesmodel! Enjoy!

While you were pregnant with your daughter, what beauty products could you not live without?

I was really serious about my creams. I felt like all the clothes I wore, like the jumbo bras and elastic waist pants, irritated my skin, and so I felt like cream was a little bit of a buffer. I used Bella B. all the time. I would put it on every night after my shower,  and I didn’t get a single stretch mark. My doctor said stretch marks are more about your genetics,  but the cream brought me comfort. I would put it on throughout the day sometimes because I was so itchy.

As a busy mother you must have some really great quick makeup tips, like the five-minute mom face. Can you spill some of your secrets?

I see these moms at the park that are so put together — they even accessorize with jewelry. And I think, “Who are you?!” I only have one child; I don’t know how moms do it with multiples. They’re probably the same women who are dressed for a 6:00 AM flight. When I finally get Isabel dressed and ready — she’s so particular, everything’s a negation — and we get to the park, I am in my jeans, my ratty sneakers, and a hoodie. I just look ridiculous most of the time. I never look glamorous at the park. But I have a mud bench by the front door for Isabel’s things, and I also have a tiny little basket for lip gloss, sunscreen, and a little bit of Lancôme foundation (SPF 15). While I’m letting her dig through her basket to make her fashion statement of the day, I quickly lather on some sunscreen, a little Lancôme, and the lip gloss I love — Juicy Tubes — so I don’t walk out the door looking like a zombie. I hung a little mirror there, and sometimes I even do it while I have one foot out the door and she’s doing her sidewalk chalk. Anything to give me a few minutes.

Read the rest of Angela’s interview here.

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