Angela in Redbook Magazine

Hear what Angela says about motherhood in the January issue of Redbook Magazine.

“She’s best known as the obsessive mastermind of Dunder Mifflin’s party-planning committee, but in real life, newly single mom Angela Kinsey doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

Angela’s Crazy, Happy Life

I keep my sisters on speed dial. I’m the only mother in the cast of The Office, so I rely on my mom and three sisters for support; I ask them stuff all the time. When I was breast-feeding, I called my sister a few times and said, “My boob is doing this and that. Is that normal?” Crazy things happen to your body when you breast-feed!

We get distracted at our job, too! I’m so thankful that the computers we sit behind on set actually work. I’ll go on the Internet and say, “Oh, my goodness! Did you see who got extensions?” Or I’ll instant-message Jenna [Fischer] between takes with something so lame, like, “Hey, I’m going to Target at lunch. Want to come?”

Privacy? What’s that? I don’t even shut the bathroom door anymore. Once you’re a mom, that’s it. I actually forgot to shut the door at a friend’s house the other day. I was like, “Oh, my God. I’m so sorry!”

Funniness is genetic. Isabel [Angela’s 2-year-old daughter] is hilarious. When I was having trouble putting my new SIM card in my cell phone, she said, “Mommy what is your problem?” So I told her, and she said, “Hmm, maybe I can help.” And the other day, she told me my hair looked crazy and I needed to brush it.

Don’t bother shooting for perfection — it’s impossible! Some days I think, I can do this. I’m a pro. And other days I’m like, I’m lousy at this. I have a special place in my heart for working moms — it’s a constant pull on your heartstrings.”

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How adorable is Isabel? Love the pink outfit!

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