Angela and Jenna Fischer both have chatty cats

The workplace environment at fictional Dunder Mifflin set is decidedly feline-friendly. Need proof? The Office stars Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer routinely share water-cooler talk about their cats.

Fischer has long been a public advocate for the animals, and as host of Kitten Rescue’s annual Fur Ball, so it’s no surprise she would be a vocal supporter of all things feline. What you might not know is that her 11-year-old rescue, a gray longhair named Cadillac, is a talker, and so is Kinsey’s rescue kitty, Otter.

“I’ve never had a cat who meows and chatters as much as he does,” Fischer told at the La Femme International Film Festival Celebrity Gala on Sunday. “He’s a very vocal cat.”

Otter — so named because he “drinks his water off of his paws,” according to Kinsey — has a slightly weirder way of expressing himself, though he’s equally loud. “He’s chatty, but it kind of scares me,” she said. “It sounds like maybe a cat in heat. That’s just him [being] happy.”

Kinsey, who notes that she “only has one cat, and not 15” like her “weird cat lady” character on the show, is one of the select humans who have ever seen Otter in action. He may be a talkative creature, but he also likes to hide.

“He’s a total freak,” she said. “If you see Otter at my house, it’s like seeing a rhino in the wild. You should feel honored, because he only comes out for a few people.” – Source

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