Angela talks season 7 of ‘The Office’

As Angela Martin on NBC’s “The Office”, Angela Kinsey is one of the most memorable characters we see across the board of television. The character is cold, power-hungry, and often mean — in many ways, she is quite different from the energetic and kind actress who plays her.

Angela was kind enough to chat extensively with me Friday about a number of topics, including some details about the upcoming season (which premieres September 23), Steve Carell’s looming departure, and even what it’s like meeting fans who believe she acts like her character in real life.

Matt: So have you guys started preparation for next season?

Angela: Oh, we are back to work! We went back to work on Monday — this is our first week back, though pre-production has been there a few weeks before us. We’re all back on set!

Matt: So is there anything you can spill for us about this upcoming season?

Angela: I did email our executive producer Paul Lieberstein (who plays Toby) saying, ‘Paul, please! Tell me what I can and can’t say so I don’t mess up’. We’re all pretty curious what the writers are going to do with Michael, since this is the [last season] for Steve [Carell] this year. I’m sort of like really excited, I think this could make it one of the best seasons we’ve had because in the eyes of Michael Scott, how can he fall out of grace with his job? I can’t wait to see how they do that. I think they have a few ideas which way they’ll go.

I do know that Holly (Amy Ryan) is going to come back a few episodes so that’s going to be interesting. There’s a lot more Dwight and Angela stuff already just in the first week back. It’s kind of fun because we have this procreation contract, and Angela’s really holding him to it! She’s wanting to get preggers! So there’s some really funny stuff with her pressuring him for sex and making appointments for sex and things like that.

What else can I tell you … I know that the whole Erin / Andy thing is going to have a twist, though I’m not sure how. I think it’s going to be interesting now. They’re sort of like this cute couple who is always miscommunicating, and I think that’s going to come into play. Jim and Pam — there’s going to be an episode where [Cecelia] is baptized and everyone weighs in on it. That hopefully won’t be too horribly inappropriate! (Laughs.)

One storyline I left out that is hilarious — there’s an incident where Michael is required to go to counseling with Toby. That’s going to be hilarious because he hates Toby, and now he’s going to have to open up.

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