Why Angela knows she’s not hip

New blog from iVillage:

“Hello iVillage crowd,

It’s been a while since I sat down to write a blog for iVillage and this one doesn’t promise to be life-changing. But here goes …

I will pose this question to you all: At what point in life did you know that you will never be hip?

For me that moment happened recently. Sure, there have been signs along the way. I mean do hip people get excited about free food and booze at every work function they go to? Because I do. I load up my plate at the cheese table and drink as much wine as I can. I also keep the tiny ketchup bottle that comes with my room service meal. Come on, they are so cute! Do hip people like watching the national cheerleading competitions on ESPN? Probably not, but I do. And I love magnets. How many “cool” people get excited about a new refrigerator magnet?”

Read more: Why Angela Kinsey Knows She’s Not Hip

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