Angela visits Canada

Actress Angela Kinsey, famous for her role as a drab accountant on The Office,  made her first visit to Canada today to promote her role as Nice ’n Easy’s Guardian Girlfriend.  The TV campaign that features Kinsey as every woman’s best friend has become a surprise hit with viewers who have taken to her quirky humour and honesty.

“I just did an event in Grand Central Station in New York City where I jumped out from a seven foot mirror,” laughs Kinsey wearing a form fitting green dress and beautiful blonde hair thanks to the P&G Beauty brand. “I’d jump out and say ‘Hi, gal pal.  Is your hair feeling a little flat today?’ I was stunned at how honest the women I saw on their way to work.  The majority said ‘yes, I do need to do something with my hair.  They were really open to a change of hair colour.”

Calling herself part shrink, part gynacologist, part bartender, Kinsey says she’s a diehard Clairol Nice’nEasy fan having watched her mother use the product for years.  ”I grew up in Jakarta and we’d make one trip to the United States each year.  My mother would bring an extra suitcase and stock up on a year’s worth of hair colour.  When she started dying my older sisters’ hair, she needed an even bigger bag.” Angela says the appeal of the product is the time it saves her.  As a working mother, she doesn’t want to give up three hours to visit a salon when she could be spending it with her daughter.

“My life is Cheerios on the floor and dried playdough balls,” she admits.  ”I do my makeup in the car – but only at red lights.  My life is just like everyone else’s, and when I can find a way to save time, I’ll take it.”


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