Angela in The Armando Show

Last Thursday I saw Angela host The Armando Show at the iO West. If you’ve never seen The Armando Show, the Armando (in this case, Angela) will start off by asking the audience for a word suggestion. Then the celebrity host will do an improvised monologue and from there, the cast of the show will perform scenes inspired by the Armando’s response.

This time there were two word suggestions: pants and deodorant.

Angela told the audience she liked their style and joked that right before leaving the house, Isabel told her she only wanted to wear pink pants. Everyone laughed and then Angela began to talk about how much her life has changed since she had Isabel. Before, she felt as if she was just coasting through life. Now everything is a big deal, like Isabel’s new sunglasses. Isabel is devastated when she loses her sunglasses! Angela will try to comfort Isabel by assuring her that you can find sunglasses anywhere. She can even take her to Walgreens and there will be a display that turns and is full of sunglasses but as soon as Angela is done explaining, Isabel will just go back to crying for her sunglasses.

There was also a funny story about how lately Angela has developed some weird quirks when flying, even though she has been flying her whole life. She remembers that as kid she asked her mom how a plane is able to stay up and her mom responded with a folksy answer, “all you need to do is give the plane a little pat.” So now Angela needs to pat the plane every time she flies! :)

As always, it was a fun show full of hilarious scenes inspired by Angela’s stories. From skits on how to reverse a pregnancy to sandwich wizards, the show was great! My friend said she was sore the next day from laughing!

After the show, we were able to see Angela and chat for a few minutes.

Thanks Angela for always being so sweet! Until next year? ;)

For more information about the Annual Improv Festival at iO West or The Armando Show, click here.

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