Angela blogs about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

“Hello Office fans!  So I was invited to the White House Correspondents’ dinner by Lester Holt.  I bought a new dress, packed my bags and Lester canceled on me the day before as I was driving to the airport! What?!!  Now, now ladies…before we get on a Lester Holt bashing band wagon I should tell you that he got called to New Orleans to cover that horrible oil spill.  Has he been on tv down there?  Anyone seen any footage? If so…then all forgiven. If not…them some one is in for a butt kickin’ from a tiny blond.  ;)

Lester being the sweet fella that he is asked his buddy Ann Curry to step in for him.  She was an awesome date!  Umm….she knows EVERYBODY.  After introducing me to Oliver Stone and half of the NBC news world she eyed a general and asked me if I wanted to meet him…I told her I needed to pace myself.  I was trying desperately to not look like a total moron as I met the supreme justices etc… And traveling with Ann in DC is like traveling with a Beatle.  I mean she is a rock star.  Everyone wanted to talk to her and have a picture with her.  She was so nice and kept telling them to take pictures with me too.  Most of them were like, “who’s the blond?”

Once inside the dinner I was seated next to Kathie Lee Gifford.  Maybe the nicest lady ever.  I told her she was like sitting with one of my aunts at a wedding reception. Constant peanut gallery comments. Hilarious.

I spoke with Brian Williams and his wife for a while.  They are great and while Brian was mingling his wife let me have his desert.  Sorry Brian. Oh and within 5 minutes of meeting Meredith Vieira I spilled my champagne on her and over shared about how my makeup felt icky. Meredith was very nice and let me babble.  I wonder if I blew my chance of ever being on the Today Show. :/

Umm and ladies…Matt Lauer is great!  He is so charming and smart and funny. I loved meeting him. I ended my evening meeting Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan.  Andrea mentioned she plays tennis and I invited her to play the next time she was in LA.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  I should have told her that I was a little tipsy by that point and being over familiar was a side affect.

All in all it was an exhilarating night and I met so many interesting and diverse people.  And btw…our president is hilarious.  Nicely done Mr. Obama. Or as they say in Indonesia, “Bagus Sekali!”


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