What’s Angela’s Odd Quirk?

From Angela’s latest iVillage blog:

“Before I begin my silly little blog about my daily — and not-that-interesting life, I’d like to address something rather serious. My heart like many of yours is breaking for the people of Haiti. The pictures and reports from there are absolutely devastating. I urge us all to see how we can help however small.

Now here comes my drivel….

Happy New Year! I am still writing 2009 on things. It always takes me a while to switch over but then again I am lousy when it comes to change. And I start sizing up my life and my quirks. For example, I have a weird cough. There, I said it. My cough sounds like a sneeze. When I cough people always say, “Bless you!” I used to try to explain to them that it was just a cough and somewhere along the way I gave up and now I just say, “Thank you.””

Read more: What’s Angela Kinsey’s Odd Quirk?

What are YOUR odd quirks? I posted mine over at iVillage: “I blow on my food even when it’s cold. I didn’t notice it until a friend told me, “you’re eating frozen yogurt.””

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