Angela Kinsey Jokes About Her ‘High Class Problems’

“Despite logging long hours as an actress alongside her costars, Angela Kinsey could never truly relate to the parents on set who felt torn by the demands of children and a career. That is, of course, until she became a mother herself to Isabel Ruby, 19 months.

“I remember a friend of mine was a working parent and we were filming something together,” Angela recalls in the winter issue of Mom. “She was really quiet and I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ She said, ‘I’m missing bath time.’ I didn’t have children yet, but I get it now.”

The separation from Isabel is most painful when Angela finds herself alone during her downtime on the set of her hit show The Office. “I never knew I could love anything the way I love Isabel,” she admits. “And when I’m not with her, I ache for her.” It is then, she notes, that the feelings of loneliness set in. “I was literally sitting there amongst her things holding her Elmo doll and had a little cry,” she says. “I tear up just thinking about it.””

Angela sounds like a great mom! Love reading about her stories with Isabel. You can read the full article here: Angela Kinsey Jokes About Her ‘High Class Problems’

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