New iVillage blog

Angela has been doing a monthly blog for iVillage and the latest one is now up!

“Hello iVillage crowd!

I am sitting down to write this blog while my daughter naps. Sometimes I am really productive when she naps. I’ll do laundry, fold clothes, answer emails. And other times I am a lump on the couch watching anything that happens to be on. And for the record, there is some random stuff on daytime TV. Oh, and by the way, I loved your responses to my tragic sweatpants blog! One of my favorite responses: ”I recently went to Target in black sweatpants w/elastic on the bottom, a blue paisley tubetop, and silver gladiator sandals. Questionable!” Classic! That gal and I could be BFF.

Now as far as this week’s blog…and again I am a TV actor, so don’t set up any expectations for greatness in the paragraphs that follow…”

Read blog: What’s Angela Kinsey’s Enemy? Doing Dishes!

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