Angela blogs again!

“I have a little break between scenes so I thought I’d say hello. I just figured out what my character gets to be for Halloween this year. Any guesses? I’ll give you a hint….some people are afraid of these. Speaking of Halloween, I have already noticed the adorable costumes for kids in the stores! I can’t wait to dress up my little gal! Last year she was a ladybug but she was still in baby blob mode and couldn’t really appreciate how adorable she looked. This year is going to be a blast because she is a chatty walking machine. Isabel comes to the set every day and she now zeros in on Phyllis’ desk. Phyllis has all of these stuffed animals on her desk and Isabel has to say hello and squeeze all of them!”

You can read the rest here

3 thoughts on “Angela blogs again!

  1. the other day i was here on your blog from the link given to me by my mate. i didn’t read much then, coz im in a train on my way to the office. now i happen to visit again, wow your blog rocks. hope i could publish same quality on my blog. keep it up.

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