Angela Kinsey on Her Mothering Mistake

“New mothers are often advised to never wake a sleeping baby, and Angela Kinsey learned the hard way why. The 38-year-old Office star tells Celebrity Baby Blog she tempted fate one day with her 15-month-old daughter Isabel Ruby — with disastrous results! “I was like, ‘You know what? She’s taking a late afternoon nap, she’s not going to fall asleep ’til late, I’m going to pick her up and rock her to see if she’ll wake up,” Angela recalls. “Mistake! My mom was right.””

Angela Kinsey on Her Mothering Mistake

3 thoughts on “Angela Kinsey on Her Mothering Mistake

  1. Isabel really does seem like a genius… “Elmo” is pretty advanced for a 15 month old! And I was pretty impressed with her on Conan, too! Angela’s so cute about her, though!

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