Win an Angela Martin bobblehead!

Guess what Angela Kinsey fans? I have an Angela Martin bobblehead to give away to a lucky winner! Thanks to the NBC Store.

What do you need to do? Entering is easy. All you need to do is leave a comment below with you answer to the following question:

  • If Sprinkles had a tombstone, what do you think Angela Martin would want it to say?

The deadline will be Friday, July 24th, 9pm PT. I will then choose 5 of my favorite entries and post them in a poll for YOU to choose a winner!


  • Entry must be about 10 words. Don’t just write “R.I.P. Sprinkles” ;) Be creative!
  • Leave a comment with your answer below. No emails, please.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • U.S. residents only.

Winner will be announced Sunday, July 26th.

Good luck!


34 thoughts on “Win an Angela Martin bobblehead!

  1. Sprinkles Edward Sir James Frankendon Martin

    Loyal friend and member of God’s feline family

  2. May cat heaven welcome you with open paws. Even though god has taken you from me, we will always just be two kittens out on the town in my dreams. Love you and miss you always.


    A loving mother. A devoted friend. A beautiful soul. May you find peace in cat heaven, and the sins put upon by your death be forgived.

    [I know it’s a little dramatic/harsh- but I feel like that’s something Angela would do! I’m sure she’d also throw in some biblical quotes. Anyway, I’m not eligable for the contest (live in Canada), but I find these little contests fun so I hope you don’t mind me throwing this in there!]

  4. Although it was a cold, cruel world, Angela will always hold a warm place in my heart.


  5. Sprinkles Martin

    Sprinkles, as you make your journey from earth, I pray that you love cat heaven; I have heard that it’s a beautiful place. Thank you for being a friend to me, Sprinkles: you were my pal and confidant. We love you and miss you (and please, do not forget your upbringing).
    Love, Mom, Mr. Ash, Bandit, Peddles, Elisha, and Esther.

    P.S. Don’t worry: “D” didn’t get my cookies.

  6. Sprinkles Aloha Martin
    May 2002-September 2007

    Cat heaven is a beautiful place. I really hope you get there, even if you’re euthanized. We loved you, Sprinkles. You were a good, decent cat. Rest in peace (and behave!). Love, Mom, Mr. Ash, Bandit, Moses, Peddles, Lucy and Aardvark.

  7. “Bye Sprinkles. I’m sorry that you had to chew your way through the frozen peas. Bye.”

  8. you always gave me twinkling sprinkles of happiness. I wish you were here to bring me more warm cuddly joy, but the freezer was just too cold.

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