Angela Kinsey’s Nice ‘n Easy new role

A short article about Angela’s Clairol commercial from

“Angela Kinsey is branching out from her role as The Office’s stern cat-lover Angela Martin and getting sassy in a series of spirited spots with hair color brand Nice ‘n Easy. Starring as a “Guardian Girlfriend,” Angela tells it like it is in a commercial and print ad campaign, advising women about their hair dos — and don’ts. “I’m thrilled to be working with Clairol Nice ‘n Easy,” Angela tells “It has been a blast stepping into the role of the Guardian Girlfriend ‘GiGi’. She gives straight-shooting advice to women looking to get the right color.” The ads have just launched in limited release on cable TV and will hit the networks in July.”


Have any of you seen the ad on TV yet?

5 thoughts on “Angela Kinsey’s Nice ‘n Easy new role

  1. I think Angela Kinsey is a fantastic rep for Nice’ n Easy..She potrays a sexy yet funny spokesperson..Got my vote !!! Hubba hubba !!!

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