Jessica D’s report from An Evening with Angela Kinsey

Last night I was at the URI event, the setting was really intimate, despite being held in a gym, there was a black curtain and projector screen, keeping the event only on once side of the gym, so it wasn’t huge. Mostly students filled about 3 or 4 sections on the side of the gym and it was set up with a small stage in the center with two chairs where she and a moderator sat for the night. When she came out there was nice big applause and she started talking pretty much right away with out any questions being asked – ” Sorry, I’m just chatty!” – she explained.

The first part of the event was moderated questions from a professor here, and she talked about getting into the Office and how she made it happen for herself. Going back to her early improv days and made some jokes about she’d always wanted to be an actress since she was a little kid. She talked about how and why she made the move from NYC to LA etc. She also brought up her and Jenna being friends, as well as how long she’s known Oscar and Kate.

They then showed a clip, which was a montage of Angela Moments the editors gave her to play.

After that they turned the house lights on and opened up questions to the audience. Topics ranged from, on set stuff, like a typical day and talking about the cast, mostly she talked about Kate, Jenna, Steve, Oscar and Rainn. Mentioned briefly some on set pranks, one being how the Office computers are actual live computers and they send inappropriate IMs to each other during scenes.

She talked about Angela the character a bit, and how she thinks Dwight is the one for her (obviously). She explained how the show worked and what it’s like to work on that kind of mockumentary style show, and how because of it they have a lot of acting freedom. Perhaps one of the best questions was if she actually had to lick the cat, which, she did.

After she agreed to do a meet and greet, signing, talking and taking pictures with everyone. When I got up we were talking and I mention, that my mom was really jealous that I was meeting her, and Angela goes, “Oh my god, let’s call her!” So she called my mom, and opened with ” I am with your daughter right now and she is being really inappropriate, I thought you should know.” Then just had a short convo since we were holding up the line. It was really funny and very nice of her.

Cameras weren’t allowed in all I have is my meet and greet picture which because I was caught mid smile it ironically came out with me looking really unimpressed and very in Angela character and her looking really happy. Lol.

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