Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey Talk ‘The Office’

“CBR News had an opportunity to talk to Andy and Angela themselves, actors Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey, about their hit sitcom, their characters’ strange romance, and how they are able to keep a straight face on the set.

CBR: Your show has a huge fanbase and even hosted its own panel at Comic-Con International this year. To what do you attribute your wide range of fans?

Angela Kinsey: Well, I think a lot of us in America spend more time with the people we work with then even our own families. You sort of have this forced family where you go to work and that definitely makes it relatable because everyone sort of works with an Angela or knows a Dwight, or an Andy. That’s a lot of fun to see every week. I have to say sometimes I am blown away by the different spectrum of our fans. Like, my cousin is ten-years-old and is the biggest fan of our show; she knows and can quote Dwight monologues and she’s ten. She’s never worked in an office. So that is always surprising to me, but a lot of fun.”

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