Adventures with Angela

‘Ask Angela’ has been updated with two new questions:

Q: Since you are the total opposite of your character, is there anyone in the cast who is the same as their character? Example: Is Paul quiet like Toby? Is Jenna an artist like Pam?

Q: I read that Jenna’s Isabel’s godmother. Aww… Do you remember your and Jenna’s first meeting? Did you know then that she was going to be your BFF?

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One thought on “Adventures with Angela

  1. I met Angela Kinsey for the first time recently at the DFW airport, waiting for a flight. She enjoyed being recognized and was very open with me about acting and production work. I am a production coordinator, so it was nice to hear what she had to say about things.

    For those who have not met Angela, I am pleased to say she is very friendly and cordial. She treated me like an old friend whom she had not seen in a long while. She said some things I found inspiring – that she didn’t take her good fortune for granted, and that she knew she wanted to be an actress from the time she was a little girl. In terms of landing the big role she’s currently playing, she said, “I simply wouldn’t take no for an answer until I found that great part.”

    It was a joy to meet her, and I felt really good that I could congratulate her for landing such a wonderful role, on a delightful show that brings laughter to so many. CB

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