Dressing up as Angela and Dwight for Halloween

From Yahoo! TV:

“There are a lot of simple costume options for TV’s nerdiest, and dare we say, most complicated, couple. According to “The Office’s” costume designer Alysia Raycraft, think mustard yellow and muddy browns or greens to get started for Dwight. “Dwight’s look is easily achieved by hitting your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Look for men’s short sleeve dress shirts, ties and pants all in the same color ranges.” While you’re at the thrift store, find a pair of sensible black shoes and ’70s-styled eyeglasses. Finish off your Dwight look by parting your hair in the center. Alysia says, “Angela needs a little more fluff and lace. There are cardigan sweaters at your local mall waiting to be embellished with lace and ribbon trimming [from] your local fabric and crafts stores.” Tie your hair into a simple ponytail and “remember not to smile when wearing your [Angela] creation.” Get into the Halloween spirit by adding the ghost of Angela’s white fluffy Persian mix cat Sprinkles into the mix. “Find a willing feline, or if the dear kitten keeps running off, a stuffed cat would probably behave perfectly for Halloween dress-up time.”

Level of Difficulty: Easy


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