One on One with Angela

News-Jounrnal Online’s FanBoy 2.0 interviewed Angela and has posted the first part of the interview:

Well first off congratulations on being a new mom!

Thank you. It’s awesome. Steve Carell told me that every cliché would be true and it absolutely is. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been. The most tired I’ve ever been and really the most fulfilled.

I know you spent most of your childhood in Indonesia. What was that like?

I sort of thought everyone grew up in Indonesia cause I moved there when I was two years old so I didn’t realize it was so different until I came stateside when I was 14. But it was an unbelievable childhood and I realized that as I got older. Like on a field trip, we wouldn’t go to the local zoo. We would go to an orangutan sanctuary.”

→ Read the full interview here: One on One With…Angela Kinsey of The Office

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