Last night

I had a chance to see The Armando Show (featuring Creed Bratton) at the IO West Festival last night. Angela was great! I love how she can bring so many different characters to life.

After the show I talked to Angela for a few minutes and she told me Isabel is doing great. She really missed her since this was her first night out and told me she had been texting all night to make sure she was doing well.

She also mentioned that they decided to do a photoshoot with Isabel and it will be out June 30. I’m going to guess it’s PEOPLE magazine (it was loud last night and I didn’t catch the name). I will make sure to look out for it and post it here once it’s out.

If any of you have a report or pictures from the show last night, send them in! I would love to hear about it.

You can view a few pictures from The Armando Show here.

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