Prenatal Yoga with Angela Kinsey

Thanks to Michelle for sending me a link to this cute interview. Angela talks about how Yoga helped her through her pregnancy:

“We’d never suggest Angela from The Office do an ounce of yoga—lest she soften that strident, scowling persona who wants to sleep with Dwight but loathes her prudish self for allowing those warm fuzzy feelings to surface. But when Dana Meltzer Zepeda sat down with Angela Martin—37-year old actress Angela Kinsey in real life—she found a woman on the verge of giving birth who says weekly yoga classes help her relax and feel in control throughout her pregnancy. Her first yoga experience was a different story, however, akin to the comically awkward interplay between Angela’s Office character and the receptionist Pam Beesley (played by Jenna Fischer).”

→ Read more: Prenatal Yoga with Angela Kinsey

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