‘Dinner Party’ Contest!

FINAL UPDATE Contest is now closed. Janell has won the Dunder Mifflin Logo Pen!

ANOTHER UPDATE Karis has won The Office Cast Photo Travel Tumbler! Congratulations!

UPDATE By the emails I’ve received, I see my questions were harder than I thought :) So far only 1 person has answered all questions correctly. Enrique has won The Office PC Game! Congratulations! Tip: Don’t forget that all answers are in Angela’s blogs!

How great is it to finally have an Office Thursday?

What did you think of the new episode?

To celebrate I decided to have a contest! To find out how to win, click ‘more’ below.

The first three people to send me an email with ALL the correct answers to the five questions below will win one of three prizes.


1. What did Angela describe as her “tacky moment” at the Golden Globes 2007?

2. In the closing scene of Beach Games on the bus (season 3), Angela mentions they did a lot of songs that didn’t make the final cut. Her personal favorite was the theme song of another popular NBC TV show from the past. Can you name it?

3. What does Angela’s dad call David Letterman?

4. Angela often mentions another NBC TV show as her favorite. Jenna and her even presented an award to them at the ACE awards. What show is it?

5. And, I’ll make the last one easy ;) What have some of The Office cast and crew suggested Angela name her baby?


Tip: Read her blogs :)



The Office PC Game – Retails at $29.99


The Office Cast Photo Travel Tumbler – Retails at $12.00


Dunder Mifflin Logo Pen – Retails at $8.00


1. DO NOT post your answers in a comment. It will be deleted and will not count. Emails ONLY, please.

2. One entry per person.

3. Please be aware that if you are a winner, I will need a valid mailing address to send the prize to.

4. U.S. residents only. Sorry!

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