M&C Interview: Angela Kinsey from ‘The Office’

news-mcinterview.jpg Angela Kinsey, star of “The Office,” is pregnant with her first child and recently had a baby shower.

Angela’s “Office” castmate Jenna Fischer, along with Kinsey’s sister-in-law Susanne Daniels feted the petite comedy powerhouse – whose co-star Rainn Wilson noted to me was “like a little person (who) swallowed a watermelon. And everything about her looks exactly the same except she has this enormous tummy.”

“I think all of her scenes from here on out are going to be staged with her behind the copy machine,” producer and writer Greg Daniels added.

Kinsey has been blogging about her pregnancy, including her cravings for ice-cold Snickers bars. As her due date approaches, she still continues to work on the NBC sitcom.

Monsters and Critics spoke with the soon-to-be new mom about comedy and her role on “The Office.”

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