Nesting With a Vengeance (and a Deadline)

An article from the NY Times mentions Angela and her recent urge to make home improvements:

“ANGELA KINSEY, who plays Angela Martin on the television comedy “The Office,” is seven months pregnant and “trying to prioritize” all the improvements she is making on her 1950s single-story home in Los Angeles. She came up with a to-do list during the writer’s strike, when she was “basically unemployed.” But the real reason for the list, she said, is that “being pregnant makes you crazy to get things done around the house.”

By this she meant more than the common symptoms of a mother-to-be’s nesting instinct, like emptying out a closet or turning a guest room into a nursery. With hammers pounding and drills whining in the background, Ms. Kinsey, speaking by phone, said she is having her kitchen “completely gutted” to make way for new cabinetry, flooring, appliances and countertops.”

Read more: Nesting With a Vengeance (and a Deadline)

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