I’ve been curious…

If the strike were to end soon (crossing fingers) and The Office begins filming, how do you think the writers will handle Angela’s pregnancy? Do you think it will be written into the show? Personally, I would love to see a Dwangela baby but how would they explain Angela Martin showing a baby bump so soon?

If you were a writer, what would you do?

Post a comment with your thoughts on this.

3 thoughts on “I’ve been curious…

  1. I can’t think of anything more out of character for Miss Angela Martin than an unplanned, out-of-wedlock pregnancy. I think the writers would (will, hopefully) hide it.

  2. I think it would be mainly between Dwight and Andy, but Michael of course would want to claim the child as well. When it comes down to dna testing, Michael would show up, as well as Creed. While that is going on, everyone else in the office is making bets.

  3. How to write in her Pregnancy, post strike (if there IS a POST strike!)…

    Well, if she’s still supposedly dating Andy it would make things interesting…..I guess it would come down to two people, everyone would assume that it was probably Andy and even he would think so (assuming again in a moment of sheer desperation Angela had cookie with Andy).

    Then *poof* out comes this kid who’s a spitting image of his father, Dwight. And Dwight would probably have his hunches too, as would Jim and Pam who know their situation and do what they can to help him prove his paternity. Wow….Dwight as a father. Guess he’d be happy to have an extra set of hands around the ol’ farm!

    Of course, they COULD always do the ever popular “bump hiding shot” and have her sitting or her belly behind a computer at the appropriate time or something. I think Dwight as a Daddy would be kind of interesting, tho!

    But of course, NONE of this could be happening for a while, Angela’s kid could be OUT of diapers by the time they resolve this strike nonsense! Support the WGA!

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