A note from the Office Fans Christmas Fund

I received an email from The Office Fans Christmas Fund letting me know the fund has been canceled. You can read a letter from Kent and information about what will happened with the money you donated after the jump.

A letter from Kent:

It is with heartfelt grief that we must close down our efforts to add a little holiday cheer in the stockings of our staff & crew- we will not be able to distribute these funds for all sorts of legal reasons. We truly appreciate all of our avid fans and their overwhelming desire to help, but unfortunately for legal and logistical concerns we cannot at this time partner with anyone in their efforts to show this support. As much as I’m personally saddened that we cannot proceed, please know that I’m going to tell everyone of our staff and crew how special our fans are and how our fans have thought of each and everyone of them. This will make the crew feel that much more proud of our production and validate how our show impacts humanity. This is a very difficult time for all of us and this gesture alone helps to buoy us. And it’s not the money – it’s the mere fact that all of you out there are concerned for us and were willing to reach into your pockets for us!!! This just shows us – all of us – that our fans ROCK and are THE BEST FANS in the world.

If you can, please provide me with contact information for each individual that has donated to both the fund as well as who has been bidding on the charity auction. When we are back in production I will be sending each and everyone of these contributors something ‘extremely’ special for their beautifully generous thoughts to my staff and crew of THE OFFICE.

Again- our MOST SINCERE AND HEARTFELT APPRECIATION for your thoughts and outpouring of love- and have no fear – we will all get through this! And we will be back – hopefully soon – producing what we all feel is the best television show on the Network.
With the most sincere and deepest appreciation EVER-



1. Everyone is still going to get something from Kent.

2. The OFCF is sure they can send you back the money using PayPal. Please note that PayPal takes a service charge when the money comes in, so it will be a little bit less than your donation.

3. The OFCF can send your donation to The Actor’s Fund which is a “nonprofit, national human services organization that helps entertainment and performing arts professionals in theater, film, music, opera, television and dance through a broad spectrum of social, health, employment, and housing programs that address their essential and critical needs.”

4. They can send it to another cause that you specify.

5. Someone from the OFCF WILL BE CONTACTING EVERYONE WHO HAS DONATED, HOPEFULLY WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. If you have something super important to say, please contact Alyssa at alyssaluckhurst@hotmail.com. Otherwise, please let them contact you first so they can get organized with this overwhelming task.

For more information: The Office Fans Christmas Fund

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