More pictures from the NBC Experience Store

A member of the site sent me a report and pictures from today’s signing at the NBC Experience Store:


“Monday morning, October 1st, brought the one-and-only Angela Kinsey to the NBC Experience Store in New York City. Angela entered the building through a side entrance, and began a meet-and-greet with fans at 10am. She was not the kind of person to just sign and smile, but rather, took time for each person, making individual comments and conversations. You could tell she truly enjoyed meeting each and every fan, as much as they enjoyed meeting her. She was upbeat and friendly, thanking every one for their support. She also had her NBC video camera with her, so some of the excitement will surely end up online. Much thanks to Entertainment Weekly who provided copies of their current Office edition free of charge to all attendees, the NBC Experience store for hosting the event, and most of all, to Angela Kinsey for being the down-to-earth, friendly, and amazing person she is!”

Credit: Anonymous (Thanks!)

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